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[QUOTE=megbro2010;5297902]Hey Everyone

This month I was actually due to go back for one of my yearly dental appointments. However, I have gotten so bad off that I am not sure I could handle the cleaning due to the pain right now. My open is limited to where I have just decided it's easier for me not to talk at all. So I decided to play it smart and reschedule till September. I am awaiting surgery and I am afraid if I do something like a cleaning it may cause everything to flare up and the pain to become worse. I do know they have the bite block, but I am afraid holding my mouth open for that even will be painful. I know the dentist is not going to be happy especially because I do have bad dental history in my family. However, I am trying to make the best call without having to take off all day from work to be on medicine strong enough to relieve the pain.

My question is that I was hoping I could get some feedback because I do have a tooth that is sensitive. It doesn't bother me maybe one time out of a day and I am now thinking it may be because of something I ate. I am trying to use the special mouth wash the dentist gave me daily. However, I don't want to make the wrong decision that will cause me to have to go get a root canal or crown done after the cleaning. Any advice would be appreciated.

Now on to PT I had my consult today and turns out my oral surgeon spelled the method incorrectly. The method that will be used on me is rocobado treatment. It doesn't seem too bad. However, I am nervous because alot of the treatment he will be working in my mouth. I will be starting PT after surgery and I am nervous about the inital moments of pain. If anyone has any tips on how to handle the pain they will be appreciated. I really don't want to hit the pt because of moment.


Hi Megan

I have the same concerns about a regular cleaning and have put it off but am going to do it a July. In the past I personally have found its not bad. They know me and that I have pain issues and can't open very wide. Somehow they manage to work around it. We book extra time and my hygenist is very good about asking how I feel and not pushing it. But you have to trust your judgement based on your own experiences.

I too have been experiencing some tooth sensitivity and am concerned. I have a briged that replaces my lower front teeth years ago (prior to my TMJ problems) and an infection developed around the bridge and a I had a lot of bone loss. Its the 2 teeth that anchor that bridge that are now sensitive and I'm worried about how good of shape they are in. That's one reason why I am going in for a check up. I really hope they are ok. My bridge is not that stable. But I lost too much bone to get a new bridge put in - they would need to implants and then a bridge on the implants - which is out of the question now given my TMJ issues. And I have to get orthodentics started. I expressed my concerns to my ortho and he seemed to think it would be ok. But still I am worried so that's why am going to just discuss this with my regular denstist.

With respect to PT following surgery and pain, first discuss your concerns with your physio and get on a common page with respect to your expectations and your physio's expectations. But what I have been told is take your pain killers a 1 to 2 hours before your physio (so they have time to kick in). You may want to ice afterwards. When I've had physio in the past (no surgery involved) typically pain was tolerable and subside within a few hours. So you need to discuss with your physio how much is too much and how quicly should pain subside after a physio session.

Second, listen to your body. Yes you need to be pushed and there will be pain but there has to be balance. Don't let yourself get pushed by your physio beyond your limits. That has happened to me in the past and its made things worse. So trust your instincts and if you feel you've had enough then tell your physio that and be firm. You know your body and you are the best judge of what you can tolerate.

take care and good luck

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