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I have been having problems for 2 weeks that suddenly came about. I had numbness on the right side of my face, pressure that goes around the top, back, and sides of my head, numbness moved to left side of face around eye, jaw hurts on both sides in the back, neck muscles hurt, have problem swallowing, ears started to pop, I feel like I can't hear, dizziness and naseousness. I thought I was having a stroke. I went to the hospital 6 freaking times. On the 6th time I went to a top 100 hospital in the country. The ER dr. was so angry off at me for just being there like I was wasting his time after the CT scan and EKG came back normal once again. He said you are not having a stroke or TIA - you may have TMJ. That was yesterday. Today, I started to look up symptoms and on some sites numbness in face is a symptom. I right now have jaw pain, trouble swallowing and numbness below my right eye. I put a heating pad on my jaw and the pain is finally starting to go away. 5 out of the 6 hospital visits the ER dr. thought I was having anxiety and just treated me as a head case. Last hospital I got yelled at because he really thought it was TMJ.

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