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Guys I been trying to figure out what's wrong with me. An ENT told me that because I grind my teeth at night I get bouts of vertigo lasting hours to days followed by balance and dizziness for weeks. I had surgery to remove my tonsils and has helped me I no longer get severe vertigo but it does happen and I am down for a day or two before I can attempt to start walking and usually still takes weeks to shake. No I do not have jaw pain but my jaw does get sore. Also my jaw clicks and pops just about every time I eat or chew. I do wake up a lot with my jaw clinched at night. I haven't been able to lead a good life for years or do anything because of this I lost my job and I have no friends because my inability to do anything. I need help does anyone think this is related to tmj and would getting my jaw aligned or retainer help? I don't have health insurance or a good paying job so I need to diagnose myself and then scrape what little money I can get to pay for what needs to be done. I'm desperate I'm very close to being homeless because I can't fix me.

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