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TMJ disorder from dental work is generally muscular (jaw being out of alignment from incorrect bite and in turn pulling jaw muscles and other connected muscles out of natural positions causing pain) and doesn't really require MRI. And I would advise against letting any dentist manipulate your jaw position whether it be "upward and back" as in centric relation like in conventional dentistry or "forward and down" in neuromuscular dentistry. We were born with no teeth and our jaw has always been in its natural and appropriate position for us. Our bite may have been changed because of the jaw's adaptability to the shapes and contact points of whatever is inside our mouth, even at the expense of the jaw muscles. However, our jaw is still connected to the skull in the old position (probably except people who have suffered from bad bite and TMJD for way too long that the damage progressed to their jaw joints.)

What I would suggest you try is get a moldable night guard from the supermarket or drugstore. Put it in hot water according to the instructions and bite. Then, the inside which is clear, pliable plastic will pop out a little bit. Just pull it out completely. Discard the hard plastic shell. Dip the clear plastic in the hot water again and let it cool a little bit and bite again. (Be sure to bite into the same spot.) This time smile while biting and then look up, look down, turn your head to the sides, then lie down and then on the sides, etc. Just do it like all the activities and postures that would affect normal jaw movement in our daily life. Then, let it fully harden and wear it and see if it helps. Our teeth have grooves and pits for a reason--to accommodate jaw movement during chewing, sleeping, reclining, etc. That is why I don't think flat plane splints prescribed by dentists are right--they don't have grooves and pits to accommodate jaw movement in our normal activities.

I did buy 2 of those moldable night gaurds and tried that trick. I screwed up the first one but the second one came out okay. I wore it during the day and also at night and it was comfortable enough, unlike the flat, hard one I got from a TMJ specialist that got me worse.

That's the best thing I could think of for now. Buy a set of 2 of those and bite one any way you like and the other one according to the steps I recommended in my earlier posts and see if either helps. Good luck.

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