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... I have a big silver filling on my left upper tooth, it covers the side of that tooth and I noticed my mouth guard which is a year old has a dark spot that wont' come off in that one indentation where that tooth sits in it all night. ... (0 replies)
... then he fixed the crack just by filling it in with that acrylic stuff. I hope it doesn't crack again. Shoudln't there be a warranty type thing on these? ... (7 replies)
... because I find bacteria can build up and start causing odours. But I'm not sure about soap and water or denture cleaners. Soap and water probably can't hurt the acrylic but I'm not sure about denture cleaners so check with your dentist. I was also told not to soak it or clean it with mouth wash. ... (7 replies)

... I got a new custom guard today. It's acrylic material so it's harder. I'm used to over the counter soft ones. ... (7 replies)
... When I first got my acrylic splint about 3 weeks ago, it did feel kind of loose fitting, but it never came off unless I jiggled it out. Is yours falling out on its own? ... (7 replies)
... Although I wear a hard acrylic mouth guard I was told not to brush it or use tooth paste since that can be abrasive and etch the material allowing it to absorb discoloration from food and drink. ... (12 replies)
... clenching, and made me a normal acrylic mouth guard that covered all of my top teeth. ... (11 replies)
... My acrylic splint that I first had for my bruxism from my dentist ended up cracking in left than a year. He actually sent it back to the lab and they replaced it for free. ... (7 replies)
... I've worn 3 different custom acrylic splints in the last decade and none of them required the hot water. ... (7 replies)
... Very good and tough questions.... Most people with TMD go for treatments because of the PAIN and the bad symptoms. What is your pain level WITHOUT the meds? If your main concern is the bone loss I would see a rheumatologist. They are experts with people with conditions and diseases affecting joints, muscles, and bones. I have to see one too because of my arthritis. ... (5 replies)
... replacing it every few months, same brand. i also wore my partial at night ONLY with the mouth guard, never wore my partial during the day as i hate to eat with it. ... (10 replies)
... months. For 3 years I did this. I got this new custom one made after I started having TMJ pain in my jaw and my left ear got worse. My dentist said I needed an acrylic guard, a harder one as opposed to the soft one I used to wear. ... (9 replies)
... Long story but I hope to get as much feedback as possible from real people that have been through this nightmare called TMD One year ago I had to find a new dentist because mine had retired I decided to give the one my kids use a try because I was impressed with her saving my daughters tooth after hours on a weekend I have never had problems with my teeth other than... (10 replies)
... I was told I clench my teeth 3 years ago and I wore an over the counter mouth guard for years with no problems. I think I startled my TMJ when I opened my mouth a lot in February and every time it healed I would eat normal and then it would flare up again and I kept doing this not knowing it was TMD. ... (31 replies)
... I wore a day splint that covered my lower teeth, and any time I would sleep I would have to put my night splint in. THe night splint was like a full mouth guard that holds the jaw in one location. ... (7 replies)
TMD/Bruxism story
Apr 19, 2013
... I have that sensation in my bottom teeth as well. I went to the dentist in the past 3 years thinking I had a cracked filling or something. He said my fillings were fine and that it was probably due to my clenching at night (which I was wearing an over the counter mouth guard at the time) I still get that sensation off and on and it does go away when I eat so I KNOW what you... (10 replies)
... I WOULD LOVE ONE! I am already spending 200 on the Oral surgeon and I spent 390.00 on the mouth guard. My main reason for going to this surgeon is to HOPEFULLY have him tell me if this guard is correct. I want a full refund if it's not. It's brand new! ... (11 replies)
... I am finding that after wearing my acrylic custom guard for the past 3 nights my jaw pain is back and now I have headaches, but only in the evening... ... (18 replies)
... Since I can't open wider than 1 finger tip. Last week I could, I got better and healed and thought YAY! Started wearing the custom night guard as my dentist told me I clenched years ago when my new filling was cracked. Now I am thinking "do i clench? ... (8 replies)
... I would rather get the RIGHT treatment than make things worse. In the mean time they did tell me to wear the guard during the day as much as possible. ... (9 replies)

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