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... I hear a "crackling" sound in my neck, at the base of my skull. No pain, just noise. ... (12 replies)
New to TMJ issues!
Sep 15, 2009
... I started having a lot of issues with stiff necks and eye tension and sometimes feeling a bit off balance. This all started when i started working full time in IT sitting behind a pc all day and then on the couch after that... before that i was so healthy, fit and active. ... (5 replies)
... se WIRES stuck to my face and neck, of COURSE, police keep driving by, people at stop lights looking at me, so you know what I do.... I start singing and dancing in my seat like I am listening to music! ... (27 replies)

... I had to open and close a lot and the machine was recording my joint noises and the results showed up on the computer screen. I was told that there was a lot of noise in my joints. ... (9 replies)
... I too am looking for answers to a similar condition that I've developed. When I move my head in any direction, I hear a crackling noise (rice crispy's) at the base of my skull. Sounds like what you're experiencing (or similar). Have you been able to find any info yet? I'd describe mine like grit or air/gas or particles trapped between the base of the skull and the first... (5 replies)
Jul 27, 2003
... Oh yep, I had the fullness in my head, like the pressure was off in my head, like taking off in an airplane. Kind of hard to explain it though. ... (6 replies)
... Real sensitive head hair. ... (2 replies)
... popping in TMJS after wearing a cheap nightguard. ... (25 replies)
... Good morning - Fullness in right ear Ringing in the ear Pain in the ear Pain, right side of my face, Numbness right side of face, running down jaw line to right corner of lip. Shoulder/neck pain Dizziness Vertigo queasy stomach when that happens, not an upset stomach, just queasy. Eye Pain (19 replies)
... Hello Glenda - There are several people here that have had surgery, I would imagine they will respond to your questions. There are succssful treatments Glenda. However, I think the word staplized is what I would use. Glenda, here are my list of symptoms I had before connecting with my neuromuscular dentist: Fullness in right ear Ringing in the ear Pain in the ear... (1 replies)
... Hi Jimmy My splint is a staplizing splint currently. Here is the list of symptoms I had Fullness in right ear Ringing in the ear Pain in the ear Pain, right side of my face, Numbness right side of face, running down jaw line to right corner of lip. drooling Shoulder/neck pain Dizziness (6 replies)
... Wow Saarah - That is disappointing. Especially since my neuromuscular dentist has completly reversed my symptoms. I know that the other splint I had from my 12th dentist certainly did not work. I think that each much find what works for them, mine happened to be Neuromusuclar dentistry. Thanks for information though Diane PS here the symptoms I use to have and no longer... (49 replies)
Jul 21, 2003
... I too have a very narrow palate. It took me 2 years and 13 dentists to finally find out in March of this year that I have TMJD. ... (9 replies)
... ay, I had my symptoms for 2 years or so. Once I was FINALLY told at the end of March that I had TMJ, I went looking, found a nueromuscular dentist, the only one in my state. My husband and I decided he was the man to try and help me. I am not going to kid you, It was very expensive. ... (28 replies)
I'm frustrated!
Jun 10, 2003
... on and off, quiet ringing in the ears, vs like having a high pitched wistle going off all the time. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Vincent - Here are mine - some of which are either gone or at least controllable. I am curious about the jitter stuff, have you ever tried going a day or so without the Tylenol to see what happens? The reason I say this is, it seemed as though the jitters were really noticeable when I took it, when I didn't, almost not there. Okay, here is my list, I noted which ones... (14 replies)
... m still struggling to figure out what is wrong. It has definitely taken a toll on me! Any suggestions or anything would be much appreciated. It is quite long and in depth..sorry about that..but I felt like I needed to include as much information as possible. Thanks again for any help! ... (11 replies)
... r your joints. If you do it enough, it can displace your discs. That happened to me, but it was from bad orthodontic work. You need to find a good tmj specialist in your area. Post where you live, and look on the good tmj doc. thread at the top of this page. Maybe someone can refer you. ... (4 replies)
... sometimes it would "pop" immediately afterwards, proceeded by a crackling noise, and sometimes it felt as though the jaw itself was being restricted when moving it forward. ... (4 replies)
... My tmj is getting worse and on top of that I think I have a pinched nerve in my neck... not sure if it's all related and I'm getting frustrated. ... (2 replies)

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