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... d down on, and I felt the sides in danger of cracking. I am glad this dentist was happy to do the filling with resin, another dentist told me he would only do a crown which I truly felt it didn't need, having all four sides intact and strong. Maybe he was afraid to get the shape wrong. ... (11 replies)
... of my teeth were shaved down by this quack machine called the air abrasion. The bottom line is that it is legal to use it, even though most dentists know it's bad for patients and don't use. ... (24 replies)
... me as they've always been too, the molars changed with a crown, hard to understand it all that's for sure. A dentist told me to go to a prosthodontist and get a bite test done as he said the smallest change can trigger TMJ. I haven't done it though. I don't even know what a bite test is. ... (5 replies)

Night guard
Sep 2, 2003
... Like you I had TMJD from bad fillings. I then had 4 of them redone with 3 partial crowns and 1 inlay. Unfortunately, the dentist got very close to "fixing my bite after he did 2, but when he did the 2 on the other side something went horribly wrong. ... (4 replies)
Hey Shell.......
Jul 15, 2003
... Well, if you saw my other post about Flexeril I guess you have figured out that I went back to taking one last night. The first 2 days were not too bad but yesterday I felt terrible. My neck and upper back were the main problem and I have not done anything strenous to cause it. ... (1 replies)
... hey aren't doing permanent, irreversible changes to your teeth. If something doesn't work they can stop it right away. In my case, I could tell immediately the crown was "too low" but too late. ... (14 replies)
Hey Shell.......
Jun 16, 2003
... Hi Cheryl, Things aren't going too bad here. I just cannot wait to get the crown off. It has moved so much that my bite is sooo off. I am so glad I am taking the Flexeril right now. That is keeping me from getting the bite headaches. ... (4 replies)
... n't find anything and said it may be stress. Yesterday I had two crowns put in, they are top molars in the very back... one of them was a replacement and the new crown is not as small as the old one that I used to have... hence my bite feels better. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Megan I have the same concerns about a regular cleaning and have put it off but am going to do it a July. In the past I personally have found its not bad. They know me and that I have pain issues and can't open very wide. Somehow they manage to work around it. We book extra time and my hygenist is very good about asking how I feel and not pushing it. But you have to... (3 replies)
... This month I was actually due to go back for one of my yearly dental appointments. However, I have gotten so bad off that I am not sure I could handle the cleaning due to the pain right now. ... (3 replies)
... lic in the denture on the other side to balance it, we can't afford to loose bone. Sounds like all your teeth are files uneven, right now you don't even have any bite really to speak of. ... (63 replies)
... See that is so true, why do you see some people with terrible bites, bad posture, people limping and in WC's and they have no tmj symptoms, but according to some dentists every ache and pain in the body is related to the teeth!! ... (9 replies)
... In the meantime i focused on having my RC done. MRI was read by a radiologist who sent me the report and he said it was normal. Returned recently to have my crown put on and a small cavity filled and my regular dentist told me the oral surgeon reported back to her, that the MRI was not normal. ... (5 replies)
Oct 19, 2003
... jaw clicking, tight shoulders and neck. The T.N. started after a bad "electric shock' injection into the nerve during a root canal. ... (25 replies)
... my situation and also ask a question or two. My TMJ problems started about 6 years ago after some dental work. I guess that combined with job stresses and some bad habits resulted in TMJ symptoms. ... (19 replies)
... These stories just make me so sad that dentist do this things to fix a problem they made with an incorrect fitting. Then make a bad situtaion worse when they shave down teeth to correct it. How insane is that? ... (12 replies)
... I know I need to find some help! My dentist shaved 8 top teeth trying to make a crown fit on a bottom molar.... Since then it's just been a nightmare! I don't know how I will build up my teeth back. ... (12 replies)
... I don't think it's preventable because most of it occurs from accidents, bad dental work, etc. It's from an outside force. My bite was knocked off because of a poorly made crown. ... (6 replies)
... I was wondering that too. The first tmj dr I went to did bite equilibration on me and when that did not work, he insisted we crown the back teeth but he did temps and my pain still didn't ease up but then he inisted we go to perm crowns (more $s) and I couldn't see how perms would make a diff if the temps didn't - bad enough my teeth had been filed down for crowns to... (10 replies)
... A quick recap. I've lived my entire life with an unstable bite and with years of necessary dental work my body began shifting to accomodate the changes being made to my mouth. I developed back pain, forward posture etc. ... (9 replies)

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