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... moves back up to the original position and begins falling again. Over and over. If I look at a book sitting on a table, the book looks like it is rising. My ears feel hot at all times. ... (13 replies)
Hot ear
Sep 9, 2002
... Does anyone's ear ever feel hot on the same side that you have TMJ discomfort? ... (2 replies)
Ear pain, TMJ?
Apr 22, 2004
... Hi all, I'll bet a lot of people get TMJ from stress and don't even know they have it, til it gets bad & they start going to doctors. That's what happened to me, it was my ear first, but after a while it also affected glands in my neck, the roof of my mouth would be sore when I swallowed, I'd get headaches, eye pain & even my lips & cheek on the right side would feel hot &... (15 replies)

... Do you feel that its comfortable when you wear it? ... (2 replies)
... Miss L your symptoms sound very similar to mine except i don't have the jaw noises, i feel sorry for you that its also gone to your left side, it's bad enough just on one side! ... (8 replies)
... mins and then wrap it under my chin and lower jaw, up past my ears and tie it on the top of my head and leave it there until it started to feel cool. I would repeat it for 3 or times in a row over an hour and then wait a few hrs and then do it again. ... (3 replies)
... minutes 2 to 4 times daily. Microwave a wet towel for approximately 1 minute or until towel is warm. You can also wrap the moist hot towel around a hot water bottle to keep it warm longer. ... (8 replies)
... hey im 14 and I have been having these symptoms for a while now, I'll have them for a couple weeks and then they will go away for a week or two and come back again. -All these symptoms i get on both sides, but the right side much more -the area directly under my ear/jaw will get swollen and hard/stiff and is very sore and sensitive to the touch -my ear gets very sore... (2 replies)
Ear Pain
Jun 8, 2010
... Yup. I literally feel your pain. My allergies area a big problem itchy eyes, stuffed head, headache, cheek pain and pretty bad ear pain. Sleeping is a big problem. In the winter the hot compress feels good but at this time of year, not so good. ... (5 replies)
Burning Face Pain
Mar 10, 2011
... have mild TMJ but it can be stopped by wearing this partial upper denture at night to relax my jaw. If I don't wear it for a long time, I got into this pain and feel the right ear hurts. ... (2 replies)
... ecided to try it as it was a relaxation tape and I thought that relaxing might help me to at least relax with it a bit. While doing it I discovered that I could feel my ears start to open up and drain and that the ringing diminished a bit. ... (3 replies)
... Hi there - could be TMJ or could be high blood pressure, or even idiopathic tinnitus (meaning who knows?). See a TMJ specialist to rule out TMD. Good luck, Katie G (1 replies)
... and have not had a fever at all but feel hot sometimes...the ringing is constant but not too loud, around 8000hz freq. ... (1 replies)
Hot ear
Sep 9, 2002
... Yes, quite often I feel alot of heat on the ear that is on the affected tmj side. Don't know why though. ... (2 replies)
... If it offers any comfort, many tmj sufferers feel their glands and nymph nodes are swollen in the neck area, they can feel hot in the area as well and their necks can hurt. A numbing or tingling sensation may occur on the face, head or jaw area and their tongues may ache or feel swollen. ... (6 replies)
... my front teeth kind of feel like if I were to have braces on. ... (7 replies)
... r or bowel problems, and I work outside all the time in the heat, as a matter of fact, I worked out side all day today staining my porch, lucky me, heat makes me feel great!!! I must say that it was very hot and humid today here in Pa. Let me know what you think please, your thoughts are greatly appreciated. ... (15 replies)
... Could someone let me know? I am not sure if I may have an infection as well, besides the TMJ disorder. It feels warm near my ear, along with the pain. Thanks!! Cat (5 replies)
... but the last 2 dentists I went to told me that all my complaints about my ear pain could not possibly be related to my dental situation or jaw!!! ... (17 replies)
... and muscle spasms which feel like throbbing pulsing sensations in my cheeks. All of these seem to be textbook symptoms for TMJ now I have begun to read about it. ... (5 replies)

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