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... I was hoping someone could give me some advise on what to do next. I too suffered from extreme ear pain on the right side. After a year of going back to the doctor he finally mentioned TMJ. ... (25 replies)
Tmj and ear pain
May 15, 2005
... The symptoms you are experiencing with your ear may be solely related to TMJ problems. My 17 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with TMJ. ... (15 replies)
... was of little help. The headache subsided a little, but now I am having an ear pain, like something dull is pushing into my ear and sort of pulling something inside that also radiates into my right eye and temple. My right eyeball feels sore from the inside. ... (25 replies)

Any advice?
Feb 5, 2016
... and during the surgery recovery do to not eating solid foods and being on pain killers. The sucky part? ... (9 replies)
... ABout 11 years ago I got a really bad pain in my right ear so I went to my gp and he said ear looks fine so he gave me a decongestant....pain lasted longer so I went back and he sent me to an ENT. ... (2 replies)
... do bite down, all teeth touch the acrylic. My jaw spasming got worse when I first got the splint, but PT and trigger point releases helped me get through that. After a while, my pain lessened and eventually my ear popped... after a year of being "stuffy". ... (6 replies)
... In addition to my TMJD related ear issues, I also had reflux and asthma issues. My Pulmonologist, who is also is a sleep specialist, had me do an overnight sleep study. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Splint123, I would not continue wearing it. You have a bad feeling about it and it has caused you multiple new symptoms. What type of dentist gave you this splint? You could ask if there is another type of splint you could try or maybe consult with a few other dentists and get second and third opinions on your condition. Indy (1 replies)
... My right joint has always clicked, but otherwise asymptomatic. After some fillings and adjustments and wisdom teeth out I have almost no bite, no huge symptoms just uncomfortable to not have much resting place. ... (1 replies)
... of the bone in my jaw due to this. My right ear hasn't popped since last March. I don't have any physical ear problems, they finally diagnosed it as TMJ with the muscles so tight around the joint that they are pushing on my eustashian tube causing my ear problems. ... (5 replies)
... he said I have got to relax them for this pain to go away and for me to be able to open wide enough, i am not opening normal width. he was like "is that all you can do? ... (4 replies)
... out the U.S. and around the world. My daughter was 12 when it all started ear aches.After repeated trips to the pediatrician and no ear infections we were told to take her to our dentist.He made her a splint which helped for a while. ... (3 replies)
... and then without our knowledge or consent began forcing our top teeth back to trap our lower jaw back in this forced position. Immediately we began experiencing pain in our jaw joints, jaws and teeth, then our TMJ symptoms grew and grew. ... (10 replies)
... Mountain, A lot of what you describe sounds very similar to what I have and experience. There is really no such thing as a "TMJ specialist" which you say you go to, so I was wondering exactly what your TMJ specialist is that made your daytime and sleeping splints. Thanks (11 replies)
... I only took Elavil a couple times. It knocked me out so much that I would sleep through 2 loud alarms over 12 hours after taking it. I was only on 10mg too. I can say my muscles were "relaxed" though. ... (11 replies)
Braces for tmj?
Dec 7, 2012
... and found a properly trained orthodontist, I found out that while the guard was protecting my teeth it was also throwing my jaw a bit off while I was sleeping by pushing my lower jaw back a bit. ... (1 replies)
... Was the disc pushing through your ear canal? ... (7 replies)
My Diaganosis
Jul 5, 2003
... and actually HAPPY that I brought in a very detailed sheet of my symptoms. I had made up a list of my symptoms and brought in a chart to narrow down my area of pain and symptoms... most doctors hate that you do this. ... (10 replies)
... I figured something was in there or that I had eustachian tube blockage. I would always stretch my jaw to try and "pop" my ear to get relief. Sometimes it would help. ... (6 replies)
... m not sure where to start, but I've been having muscular pain for going on 7yrs now. ... (9 replies)

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