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... Check out the other thread here for ear pain, there is some of the same discussion going on in that thread. I also have many pains from tmj. ... (3 replies)
... i also have ear pain. it is a weird pain.i cant put my finger in my ear without it hurting,the whole side of my head and face hurt when i even brush my ent checked my sinuses but he said he didnt think that was my prob. and my ears were fine. ... (3 replies)
... I couldn't brush my hair or put mascara on my left side. I told my dentist it was like my hair was sore. He said it is nerve inflammation caused from tmj. The pain and soreness in the muscles, ligaments and such in your neck, shoulders, chest, back, all tmj. ... (3 replies)

Ear Pain!
Jan 31, 2004
... I have severe pain in my right ear at night that started several years ago. At first I thought it was an ear infection because it throbbed, etc. and I went to my family doc and then to an ENT. Perfect ears and hearing, but ENT said I probably clenched at night and didn't know it. ... (10 replies)
... I'm sorry you feel such pain Nicole. I know the feeling. ... (4 replies)
... I noticed that the glands on my left side are so big and sore too. I just assumed it was from tmj, but I am glad to know someone else has that. ... (3 replies)
... Hi ok does anyone else here have more ear pain in the day and you KNOW you are not clenching? ... (1 replies)
TMJD ear pain
Aug 12, 2004
... I'm a new poster and was glad to find this site. I suffer from TMJD ear pain, which is referred from the lower left jaw. ... (5 replies)
Ear Pain!
Feb 3, 2004
... anxiety and the Xanax helped that? ... (10 replies)
Ear Pain!
Feb 3, 2004
... Thank you for sharing your success with the ear pain. ... (10 replies)
Tmj ear pain
Jun 18, 2008
... o go into more detail in the first post but i was in a hurry....i have not been diagnosed with tmj but I believe it is the reason for my problems I am constantly clenching my jaw and it clicks and hurts sometimes... ... (3 replies)
Ear Pain!
Feb 1, 2004
... If you've ruled out other causes for your ear symptoms, then yes, a splint will more than likely help. ... (10 replies)
TMJ ear pain????
Apr 25, 2008
... I am seeing an ENT for the same problem. It's been 5 months and he hasn't been able to help me. I'm just realizing that I must be my own advacate, thinking to seeing someone else about possibly TMJ. ... (6 replies)
TMJ ear pain????
Apr 22, 2008
... I have not been diagnosed with tmj but...i really think that I have it....I am constantly clenching my teeth and have to concentrate and really think about it to stop...I get headaches and my jaw clicks when moved and in the mornings it usually pops... ... (6 replies)
May 22, 2004
... Im wondering if clenching makes your teeth feel 'odd'. I recently had my two back upper teeth crowned, and the back one feels 'heavy' or 'there'. It is not pain. I am wondering if minute change in the bite could be causing me to clench. ... (6 replies)
... I have been going thru this for a year now and have been to so many doctors to be told I need a dentist and there is nothing wrong with my ear. ... (1 replies)
Ear Pain!
Feb 3, 2004
... I had severe ear pain that turned out to be TMD. I got a prescription for Xanax that I take when I'm aware of clenching, and it helps a LOT, but it's not good to take it every day. ... (10 replies)
Ear pain & popping
Aug 12, 2002
... I too suffer from ear fullness and popping ... even have tinnitus on top of it. ... (7 replies)
... Too many approaches and no board certification of TMJ makes this very very exhausting! ... (2 replies)
... moderate TMJ years back, but it would always subside and I just had a limited opening that I could deal with. About a year ago things took a drastic turn for the worse. ... (2 replies)

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