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Ear Pain!!
May 23, 2005
... reply to kirstysmith hiya just wanted to know if you have tmj as i have similar problem with my ear it feels clogged and i feel as though my head and ear are full of fluid i have been told my ear is fine from a ent doctor but waiting to see a tmj after reading the boards and threads they seem to be symptoms of tmj please reply and let me know how your getting on and if... (9 replies)
... For those of you with ear pain associated with TMJ please describe it to me. That seems to be my most bothersome symptom. If I push on the outside of my ear it hurts and when I open and close my mouth I feel pressure in front of my ear. Sometimes I feel a pain deep down in my ear and sometimes my ear feels full. ... (2 replies)
Ear Pain!!
Apr 25, 2005
... Mines like a shooting pain same as you both comes and goes my teeth are really sore just now and my eye and nose? ... (9 replies)

... re also different levels of surgeries. In generaly, any surgery should proceed from least invasive to most invasive. For example, if the surgeon is advocating full joint replacement as your first surgery he had better have good reasons. And not all surgery requires having your jaw wired shut. ... (13 replies)
... So I have had ear congestion and pain off and on for months only in my left ear. ... (6 replies)
... They've all said that my ears are fine. I should be reassured by this, but I keep thinking that maybe I have an inner ear disorder that is gradually developing. Maybe I'm just crazy. Don't you ever worry that there is something wrong with your ears? ... (20 replies)
... Originally I thought I had an ear infection, but when the antibiotic didn't work and other symptoms started to appear, I was thinking maybe TMJ, hence my trip to the doctor. ... (4 replies)
... it's just a wierd sensation where you would think your jaw and throat and ear all meet. I think it's when my tmj is really irritated because it is usually when my ear feels full too? ... (6 replies)
... i have had jaw pain for 2 weeks now. some days are worse than others. ... (2 replies)
... I've had TMJ and facial pain for nearly 7 years now and currently on the road to recovery...hopefully that is, since seeing a good TMJ doctor in Japan. ... (0 replies)
Sore throat/ear
Mar 17, 2010
... my jaw. It cracks and pops easily. This morning it was a little worse than it usually is and sore. Now the left side of my throat is starting to hurt and my left ear feels full and sore. This happened last year and I'm pretty sure it's my annoying jaw causing it. Anyone have any remedies that might help? ... (1 replies)
... ale and live in Sydney. My TMJ disorder has gotten progressively worse over the years. It was just a click for about 8 years and I ignored it... I never felt any pain and it never bothered me so I just disregarded it thinking it was no big deal. ... (15 replies)
... It has been suggested that I have surgery also. I have a degenerative disc on my right side. My ear, too, feels full and I am dizzy and knock into stuff. I am on a soft diet only and liquids and take pain meds and a muscle relaxer for relief. I dont want surgery. ... (6 replies)
... I don't know what's going on but I've never, never been in this kind of pain before in my life. I thought I had severe pain before all of this and found out real quick, it can get worse. ... (2 replies)
... as some of you know, im seeing dr. rondeau tomorrow, and i've been busy compiling my medical history and list of current symptoms. do you think that this list of symptoms is comprehensive enough? Present Symptoms Ear Pain, Ear Problems: Right ear pain ; Feeling of fullness in right ear Eye Pain and Eye Problems: (6 replies)
... im embarassed by how long this is... :| Ear Pain and Problems: + Right ear pain ; Feeling of fullness in right ear Eye Pain and Problems: + Bloodshot eyes + Drooping of right eye lid + Light sensitivity + Watering of the eyes (25 replies)
Does it get worse?
Mar 31, 2010
... months ago, my right ear became stuffy and wouldn't pop. To date, it still hasn't popped all the way. ... (6 replies)
... ABout 11 years ago I got a really bad pain in my right ear so I went to my gp and he said ear looks fine so he gave me a decongestant....pain lasted longer so I went back and he sent me to an ENT. ... (2 replies)
... and was convinced i had some kind of cancer as i could feels something almost lumpy in that side of my neck. ... (11 replies)
Is it tmj?
Apr 8, 2010
... And then my ear started to hurt, a lot. Not horrible but something you just cant seem to get out of your head. ... (5 replies)

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