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... I have some muffled hearing on the left ear side where I have this fullness, it seems to come and go... ... (48 replies)
... How did you figure out that you have Eustachian tube dysfunction? Did your ENT determine that? Thanks! (13 replies)
... and hopefully the ear pressure will go away. I'll let you all know. ... (13 replies)

... look it up and you will see how that if this is out of alignment your ears are affected which can cause dizziness, vertigo, ear ringing, ear pain, ear pressure, etc. ... (10 replies)
TMJ pressure?
Jul 22, 2008
... th. They think that my main problems are cranial problems, misalignment of the fissures of the cranium causing strain. I do also have a TMJ problem but I can't fix one without fixing the other. Although I'm not cured by any means I definitely feel improvement. ... (3 replies)
... I can relate a lot to this, I'm 21 and my TMJ started at about 19. I've always had anxiety ever since my late childhood. It became more severe when I grew up, one event I remember specifically at about age 15 maybe was me walking around town a lone in the dark with an old friend and an older man in a car that was parked with lights off started the car basically charging... (6 replies)
... aw pain escalated a lot and my opening horrible so I called back to alert of this, the day before I went to get evaluated that tooth filling broke under the same pressure from this shifted bite. ... (13 replies)
... now I am experiencing an ear sensaitons that not even the ENT doctors can explain. It's only in the left ear and when it comes on it can be gradual over about five minutes or instant without warning. ... (48 replies)
... I believe it is a Eustachian Tube problem that causes the ear fullness. I also went to an ENT who said there is nothing wrong. ... (48 replies)
... It will be a year in October with constant ear fullness for me. It's the single biggest problem I have with my TMJ. ... (48 replies)
... putting great pressure on my ear tubes that it actually HURTS. ... (48 replies)
... I have to crack my jaw by moving it in order to get relief. I also have eye discomfort on the same side that the tmj is the worst. It feels like a great ball of pressure behind my eye,around near my ear, and sometimes toward the top of my head on the same side. ... (3 replies)
... p today and the splint was barely touching my teeth on the left side. He said that could have been the reason for the right masseter aching and thinks this will fix that issue. ... (0 replies)
... I have exactly the same symptoms - horrendous fullness of the ears that provides a constant pressure headache - and it has almost ruined my life. For the last eight years, doctors and specialists in the UK have told me I was probably suffering from Otitis Media but they were baffled as to why there was no pus or emission. Inflamation of the TMJ sounds like it could be the... (48 replies)
... m of tmj. It will be a year in December for me. I went to an ent when I awoke one morning with diminished hearing. I did the whole prednisone bit, no results. My ear function is fine, but can't hear a thing. Now the left one has started buzzing constantly. I just started with a chiropractor because I'm desparate for help. ... (48 replies)
... but they will close again in less than five seconds. There is DEFINITELY some jaw muscle or ligament putting pressure on my ear tubes. Of course I have also been diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction, and that is part of the TMJ. ... (48 replies)
... My symptoms started as pain in the chin and it would roam about the face. Sometimes deep in the teeth, sometimes in the sinuses, the ears, the jaw itself, roof of mouth (buzzy), tongue (buzzy), the back of the neck and even the lower back and around to the thighs. Fatigue would often accompany the pain. In the early days the pain could be severe - perhaps an 8 or 9 out... (8 replies)
... of 10. I am now 15 months since onset of symptoms. The thigh symptom cleared itself after a few months. Back is only rare now. Jaw chin or neck soreness and ear pressure still occur sometimes in the late afternoon or evening if I am tired or hungry or stressed. ... (8 replies)
... Debillating pain could certainly cause all of these. Today was my first trip back to the TMJ clinic in about 4 years. It is amazing how much better I feel already. First the PT did a variety of checks like how far could I open my mouth, checking the bite, etc. She then did a variety of external and internal trigger/pressure point relief and massage around the neck, base of... (48 replies)
... You hold tightly and attempt to release the pressure and gently smooth out the muscles. It can be painful but releases the tightness in the long run. Maybe you can find it on the net somewhere. ... (48 replies)

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