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... The CTS found a deviated septum on the left side, the same side where much of my pain is felt. The pain is ear pressure, ear popping, ear pain, jaw pain, cheek pain, face pain, behind the ear pain, neck pain... ALL on the left side. ... (5 replies)
... Never have posted on the tmj board before but I'm desperately seeking answers. ... (8 replies)
... I only had the ear pressure in one ear as well. All my symptoms are right sided. Ironically, my tests showed my left condyle was much worse. ... (8 replies)

Ear pain/tmj
Aug 15, 2012
... pain from the ear plugs. ... (1 replies)
... dontic dentist that specializes in jaw joint problems. I had the same problems as both you girls. joint noises, clicking, pain when chewing ,ear pain, feeling of ear pressure, ear fluid.tinnitus , facial pain, neck pain, headaches the list goes on and on. I had a whiplash that started it all off. ... (15 replies)
... Hello all, First of I am new but I have read many posts. Today, I went to a oral facial clinic and talk to the doctor about all my symptoms. I have left ear pressure, what feels to be an uneven/uncomfortable bite. I have neck, shoulder tenderness, and some dull jaw pain. Well the dr. checked my bite, reflexes, and xrays. I also told her that I have been diagnosed with RBBB... (2 replies)
... On the day of 3rd headache, I got intense pressure on my left ear, and left side of jaw, with slight eye pressure, left side. ... (9 replies)
... Sounds reassuring because TMJ is often the result of more than one thing having gone wrong. ... (47 replies)
... I have ear conditions with my TMJ and even though I have many other symptoms from TMJ, the ear ones are by far the worst. As far as them getting better or worse, I think it is directly correlated with the condition of your TMJ. ... (12 replies)
... My ear is no longer unplugging. It's just staying plugged now no matter how much I pull on it. I can't hear very well out of that ear. ... (7 replies)
... I need to know for certain that what I am experiencing isn't some kind of inner ear disease or pathology. I have asked this before but feel that I've never received a clear answer. ... (4 replies)
... if this is a stupid question. Every time I begin to settle into my diagnosis of TMJ and calm my anxieties, I will see a post of someone originally diagnosed with TMJ who ends up with an inner ear condition such as Meniere's months or years down the road. ... (12 replies)
... I feel badly for you. I know how frustrating things are when you're shuffled back and forth from one doctor to the next. Yes, my pain was worse in my left ear and TMJ for quite some time. Once the left side was fixed, the pain and other symptoms became much worse on the right side. ... (20 replies)
... Not sure where to start.. A few years ago i started noticing a general fatigue and this constant ear pressure. The ear pressure thing would come and go. But that progressed to the point where i had this pressure and pain constantly. ... (24 replies)
... pain in my left ear. The pressure gets so intense that it keeps me up at night. ... (38 replies)
... to bed that night feeling like this nightmare was finally concluding. When I awoke the next morning, I noticed a strange feeling in my ear. When I swallowed, the ear kept popping as if I was taking off on an airplane. I figured it was probably part of the normal healing process and started on some chem homework. ... (1 replies)
... I have been reading a lot of the post under the TMJ thread and am blown away at all the problems that it can cause. I never knew. ... (0 replies)
... I've been having so much trouble with ear pressure lately. ... (0 replies)
... I have some muffled hearing on the left ear side where I have this fullness, it seems to come and go... ... (48 replies)
Could I have TMJ?
Oct 19, 2005
... No it's not from tmj, but it just seems weird that my entire forehead would ache and my right ear but not my left ear. ... (26 replies)

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