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Outer ear pain
Mar 17, 2002
... i don't think the outer ear pain is from fibro. i just think there is pressure on a nerve and that does it then. i have a dental appointment in a few weeks so i will ask him. ... (13 replies)
... are just screaming in pain. Down to my neck. Both sides are cracking and the jawbone hurts as well. I wonder if it's worse from overdoing it at work last week. ... (1 replies)
... sinuses, allergies, ears,etc. I've had severe ear noises for almost 2 years, but they have never been this bad. ... (2 replies)

... ain. Never mind what biting into an apple may do. You hang in there. You will have good days and bad days. I have fibro and tmj and the last two weeks have been screaming painful from the muscles spasming....I don't want to make your feelings or discomfort any less than what they are....for they are real... ... (11 replies)
... Thanks again. I am glad to hear that your screaming in ears is going down abit since wearing your NTI. It must be stressful to hear all that stuff in your ears. ... (12 replies)
... I first went to the Doctor over 25 years ago with ear problems. Ear aches, stabbing pains, constant itching and all kinds of weird ear problems. ... (5 replies)
... Well gee, not 3 hours later all heck starts breaking loose, I am getting pain in my right joint, screaming in my ear and I am falling fast! Oh great, he is GONE! Okay, so I remain calm. I go and put the tens unit on, I took my splint out and tens for an hour. ... (11 replies)
... I hate ear plugs, and I refuse to be that guy at the Hockey Game with ear plugs! I'll just watch on TV. ... (3 replies)
... My symptoms were: Fullness in right ear, like pressure, when changing alitutude Ringing in the ear, 24/7 more like screaming Pain in the ear Pain, right side of my face, burning Numbness right side of face, running down jaw line to right corner of lip. Shoulder/neck pain Dizziness Vertigo queasy stomach when that happens, not an upset stomach, just queasy. Eye... (25 replies)
... he ear, all the time. just a gentle ringing. Then numbness running down my right jaw, drooling, all the while, swollen lymphs, sore throat, pain by my ear, the SCREAMING in my ear, then the popping really started. I am sure I missed a bunch of other stuff. But this is kind of how the progression went. ... (14 replies)
... wards and wrinkles along my right side of my face... it is all gone. But the most important thing is the relief I felt from that tens unit. It took care of the screaming whistle in my ear, the pain, along my ear, above my ear, my right jaw and the swollen lymph nodes, no more, took care of hair, sound and light sensitivity. ... (37 replies)
... You mentioned that your ear symptoms are much better but that you're still having some ups and downs. ... (4 replies)
Getting worse...
Jul 24, 2011
... lower and sunken in while my left is higher and protruding outwards, and my chin is tilted down to the right. Most alarming to me is that the hearing in my left ear gets worse and worse. ... (2 replies)
... hout pain, now it doesn't bother me, I couldn't go to a mall, on Sat I did and it was ok, I actually didn't notice noise. I'm not really bothered by shouting or screaming now. ... (3 replies)
... Looney, I found the Myotronic tens unit extremly helpful in reducing my symptoms a great deal. It reduced the screaming in my ears to a hissing immediately, as well as the burning on my right side of my ear immediately. ... (16 replies)
... t two months I was fine but then I started having spouts of what I found out was vertigo mixed with anxiety. I didn't know what was happening as I had head pain, ear aches, facial pain, jaw popping, etc. ... (7 replies)
... ed but had no way to prove it. I lived in a small town with hack doctors who thought I was seeking medication. After spending a small fortune I figured it was my ear and planned on moving to Oregon to get a less expensive myringotomy. ... (12 replies)
... from getting angry to crying, it's just the worst thing I've ever experienced. It's constant noise that I can't get away from or even relief from, like someone screaming into my ear ALL THE TIME. It seems like the more I try to ignore it, the louder it gets. The muscle severing thing is my only hope I guess. ... (16 replies)
... opping was, is sore sometimes since I had neuro dentists doing exams, casts by 2 dentists, chiro adjustments, deep massgage, tmj massage treatments face is screaming leave me alone and let me pop already! I'm almost afraid to continue with treatments, because now I even have ear symptoms that weren't there before. ... (31 replies)
... Hi! Well, I can only tell you how I have repsonded to my nueromusuclar dentist - remembering of course each patient is different. The symptoms before my nueromuscular dentist Screaming in the ear, joint pain vertigo dizzeness nausa vision problems droopy right eye terrible headaches (3 replies)

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