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Ear pain & popping
Aug 12, 2002
... There are a number of ways in which earaches can be related to dysfunctions of the jaws. Very often, pain will be referred to the ear area, when, in fact, the irritated area is not the ear but the jaw joint or one or more of the surrounding muscles. ... (7 replies)
Ear Pain!
Feb 4, 2004
... spasm etc... are benzos. I was given a very low dose of valium to treat stapedial muscle spasm by an oral surgeon in a major dental hospital. It was amazingly effective. ... (10 replies)
... The opening of the eustachian tube, which drains the middle ear is in an area surrounded by a muscle. ... (3 replies)

Ear pain
Apr 17, 2011
... I used to use the neti pot when I had several infections one year and then got lazy. I need to start again. Sounds like you have a rough time too. I would consider any treatments, but sadly my insurance has a $30 copay for everything and it is too expensive for me right now to do anything. I saw a TMJ specialist and would do work on me for $6500, so I just deal. Even my... (10 replies)
Ear pain
Apr 17, 2011
... For me the ear pain currently comes and goes periodically. I'll have a really bad week, then months that are ok. I've had chronic ear stuffiness for almost 2 years now in my right ear that is directly attributed to my TMJ. ... (10 replies)
... Hello, yes i have this to in both ears but each ear does a different thing. My left ear makes like a vibrating or a spasm feeling when i type on the key board lightly. Also when i use the phone on my left ear my right ear goes right into spasm. ... (2 replies)
... Offtrack, I answered a similar question last week, when Plato asked about noises in the ear...pain, crackling, popping in the ear,'s all related to the eustachian tubes and a tiny muscle that closes the tubes. This is what I wrote to Plato last week, I just copied it here: I hope that sheds some light on how this all works! Hang in there... (1 replies)
... For those with ear problems, can you tell me what it feels like? ... (20 replies)
... In April 2011 I developed a severe unilateral muscle spasm around my right TMJ after a dental filling placed in my lower right wisdom tooth. ... (2 replies)
... My TMJ diagnosis came after I'd been to my PCP, ENT and a couple Audiologists because my ear wasn't popping and I had some really intense ear pain. They couldn't find anything wrong physically. ... (20 replies)
... It's really weird the last couple of days while I'm eating or if i clench my mouth a weird spasm right above the back of my ear with start to twitch and it's scary. it's kind of like when your eye twitches or something but it scares the crap out of me. ... (2 replies)
... I have issues with TMJ and occasionally have had ear problems as a result. The following information is something I just copied off of another website. Hope this helps. ... (13 replies)
... I have TMJ that was diagnosed with a primary symptom of intense ear pain and ringing. My right ear also hadn't popped fully for over a year either. ... (12 replies)
... Hi, I have gone to chiopractor and after he adjusted my neck I feel like my balance is off, I just had inner ear test and all mri's done. All normal. My pain is at the base of my head right side feels like up under my skull. Thanks for information on what muscle it is. ... (3 replies)
Ear pain & popping
Aug 12, 2002
... and back pain. So I went to the ENT he gave me Realafin, that seemed to help my ears. Then I went to the chiro for help with the back pain and headaches. Now my ear problems are back, I went back to the ENT and was told my ears looked great. But in any case he gave me Norgesic to take. ... (7 replies)
... Again, it did not last long, but I had never had it happen so fast. Now it is about 30 minutes later and my ear and jaw are vaguely hurting in that area. ... (0 replies)
... For several month now, I've been experiencing this spasm thing in my left ear, same side as my TMJ. At first, it would only happen when I was lying in bed. ... (2 replies)
... I have a thumping sensation in my right ear only. ... (6 replies)
Ear pain & popping
Aug 15, 2002
... Is it the muscle in the ear that is causing the ear popping and fullness. The medicine he gave me is doing nothing. My muscle in my face and neck are still in spasm. Does a physical therapists help at all? ... (7 replies)
... I only had the ear pressure in one ear as well. All my symptoms are right sided. Ironically, my tests showed my left condyle was much worse. ... (8 replies)

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