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Tmj and ear pain
May 15, 2005
... The symptoms you are experiencing with your ear may be solely related to TMJ problems. My 17 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with TMJ. ... (15 replies)
... Hi, I've never posted to this board before and I don't know whether to do it on the ear problem or TMJ board. I'll start here first. ... (2 replies)
... I too have had intense ear pain. I do suffer more from clogged ears, but I have been around the block with the ent due to severe ear pain and a totally closed ear. He could, of course, not find anything wrong. ... (25 replies)

... My ear is no longer unplugging. It's just staying plugged now no matter how much I pull on it. I can't hear very well out of that ear. ... (7 replies)
... This is a cut and paste from the Ear forum, but I thought it had the need for both forums. ... (0 replies)
... Welcome to my world of TMD In my experience yes your ear is a result of your TMJ - I have been going thru this for a year now and have been to so many doctors to be told I need a dentist and there is nothing wrong with my ear. I get severe ear pain with a complete plugging and total off balance dizzy feel- I demanded a cat scan and took the results back to my ENT and he was... (1 replies)
... hs now. I've seen improvements with my back, upper shoulders and neck. I also had pressure behind my eyes and the pressure is gone. But I'm still dealing with ear issues. I went to an ENT last year and hearing doctor and both said my ears were fine. ... (7 replies)
... I'm with a 3rd splint to avoid to damage my teeth. ... (5 replies)
... with except for those of you on this board. The ent suggested a tumor, I think, because he was at the end of his rope with me. I had been and been and been for ear pain and no hearing in my right ear, I thought I would go nuts with every dr telling me there was nothing wrong with my ears. ... (25 replies)
Jan 16, 2010
... ialists in the uk and i am thinking of going to london to get neuromuscular tests with dr justin glaister to see what my problem is and he would know if i need a splint or not? ... (10 replies)
... just don't want to take on that kind of debt right now. I'm already trying to pay off 5 MRI's, a CT scan, a sleep study, a Barium Swallow, an endoscopy and a pH test that I had last fall.... ... (27 replies)
... And Kass, I'm wondering if you have any neck issues, like a disc out of wack or something. There's also past dental work to consider. Things like root canal can very likely be a link to eye and migraine type symptoms too. Migraine itself can cause eye pain. Another board for "inner ear" has someone on there who has problems with migraine due to a root canal...her posts are... (8 replies)
... ith the tmjd stuff. I had my eustachain tubes scoped several times. Every time, my ENT said he didn't see any problems. He did offer to put a tube in my right ear when I was having the constant 'stuffiness' that lasted for over a year, but I decided against it since the rest of his exams kept coming back 'normal'. ... (7 replies)
... t notice any pain relief or ear improvement. ... (17 replies)
... I've been wearing my lower mandibular repositioning splint for about 26 months now. ... (10 replies)
... lowed my discs to slip and I've been told to be careful not to open too much. I hang out around 53. My health issues initially revolved more around significant ear pain and hearing loss from the jaw being pushed back towards my ear. I've also had neck issues as well. ... (26 replies)
... I had a day splint made to bring my jaw forward and keep it from impacting the nerves behind the jaw. ... (7 replies)
... s not deviating to the right quite as much. I guess he must be doing something right. I still have a hard tissue noise when I swallow an of course the horrible ear pressure going over even little hills. The Od made me a splint that I can eat with. ... (47 replies)
... Anyway, since the TENS machine I have not had any headaches, but I still have the ear problems. ... (47 replies)
... Hi Tina, I am going through a terrible time with tmj. I have used my splint and zanaflex at night. My splint seems to make me worse. I tend to clench alot. I have alot of anxiety so I think. I take buspar for that. ... (2 replies)

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