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... Basically, it felt like crawling skin that would move all over my ear to temple and almost to my eye. However, there is no numbness to the skin at all, so it isn't like nerve damage exactly. ... (15 replies)
... Chintzy, if you don't mind me asking, does your face ever get a tingling sensation? ... (3 replies)
... I have also had this tingling sensation around my right ear for years. I saw a TMJ specialist years ago without any help. I notice that it sometimes goes away if I shift my jaw over to the left side. ... (15 replies)

... The next day, both sides hurt, facial pressure, and again, ear pressure. ... (9 replies)
... I get tingling all over the scalp, as well as in my right temple and upper jaw. I also notice an odd connection to shivering. Feeling chilled makes it worse. ... (15 replies)
TMD/Bruxism story
Apr 19, 2013
... This helped, but the sensation never really went away.. ... (10 replies)
... painful pressure sensation, I could better describe it as tension... It's like a good old fashioned tension headache, only it is is a band over my ear to my temple. When it is at it's worst, I feel the identical tension sensation in both left and right sides of my head. ... (15 replies)
... I am nearly convinced the tingling is somehow muscular but haven't pieced it all together yet. Looking at anatomy pictures of the skull it is definately tingling in the temporalis muscle. Tonight the tingling is bad... it is banding from behind my ear through my temple right into my eye. ... (15 replies)
... e into the Eustachian tube. It's newer, not many ENTs offer this. After the initial swelling wore off I could pop my ears like a pro. Still could even when I had ear 'flare ups'. I had the surgery in June '12 and the ear 're clogged' over night in September. I say 'clogged' because it wasn't clogged. ... (8 replies)
... I get a similar sensation - though not the same. I don't get the tingling. Rather, I get these twitches/spasms in the same area. Usually in the temple area or back towards the above-my-ear area. They are painless, but kind of weird. Almost feels like a "boiling" sensation. Though that skin-crawling description is good too. Had this for about 3 years now. (15 replies)
... The day after Fourth of July I was right in the middle of moving when my right ear suddenly felt full. Sometimes this will happen for a brief number of seconds and then goes back to normal. This time it did not, but I went about my day. ... (0 replies)
... It sounds like some the nerve sensation and TMJ is linked, nerves pathways run under the ear and into the rest of the face like a fan, this will include the jaw and up to the temple and into the cheek areas. ... (3 replies)
... both the normal ringing on both ears all the time, and the feeling of my right ear being "full" with severely reduced hearing when I am having bad periods. ... (1 replies)
... except the ear thing. My left ear has always felt weird ever since I had an ear infection in it 3 years ago. So... I dunno! ... (15 replies)
New to TMJ - Hello
Apr 28, 2006
... I went to the ENT again couple of weeks back because of right ear pain and he checked everything and said that it seems like a low grade TMJ. ... (6 replies)
... Go see a dentist specialisting in myofascial pain - you may also want to see a neurologist. (4 replies)
... I have never had problems with my tmj before but lately am having real bad pain on my right side directly in front of my ear with this pressure in my ear. ... (4 replies)
... weird. Go figure. I only managed to schedule another round of ear testing because I've decided to pay out of pocket. My drs won't order it anymore, they said tmjd. ... (14 replies)
... Hi jen, My best friend had this surgery on both sinuses last summer & continued with symptoms like you describe, she had to go to ER & CT showed large retention cysts that were not removed when she had surgery, That ENT & 4 others dont think the cysts should be removed if not blocking meatus so she continues with the symptoms today.Believe it or not b/c i think it is... (8 replies)
... y and he said its not sinusitis, but I haven't had a ct scan in a year, so hopefully the sinus guy will order some imaging. I can't believe I'm doing fine on the ear tests honestly it feels like its coming from my left ear... The only other clue is that weird sensation in the jaw area on the left side. ... (8 replies)

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