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Military neck
Jul 19, 2008
... Military neck is instead of the natural curvature of your bends backward. I have it from having a profession of 20 years of leaning over people all day. ... (3 replies)
Military Neck TMJ
Jun 26, 2015
... I have been dealing with a tight neck and headaches and constant ear ringing for about three years. I have seen one chiro who said in xrays that my neck's spinal curve is straight aka military neck. ... (16 replies)
Military neck
Nov 10, 2006
... Has anyone heard of something called military neck? ... (3 replies)

... Hi, Just wondering if any of you also have a condition called "military neck" where there is loss of curvature in your neck. I was told I had it a couple years ago and my left "rib" is higher than my right. At first, I didn't think it would be a huge problem (despite the pain). But I just spoke with a medical student friend who told me that I would need to get it... (6 replies)
Military Neck TMJ
Aug 16, 2015
... I too have "Military Neck" and TMJ. I don't have ringing in my ears but my ears always feel congested and painful, I go through a box of q-tips every couple of months trying to dig stuff out of my ears that isn't there. The "side burn" pain is a pretty accurate description. Mine not only hurt but are warm to the touch. I feel your pain. (16 replies)
Military neck
Jul 18, 2007
... ly interested in your ringing ear experience. I have just had x rays returned and my neuro muscular therapist has looked at them and said I have what is termed a military neck. I also experience constant ear ringing. I have had a couple of impact injuries from bike accidents etc so I am researching into this 'condition'. ... (3 replies)
Military neck
Jun 14, 2007
... My doctor has told me that I have military neck. She didn't know to much about it, does anyone know anything about it? ... (1 replies)
Military Neck TMJ
Aug 10, 2015
... Same here. I'm 27, TMJ started at age 12, about a year after getting braces. Then at 14 I started having neck and shoulder pain. ... (16 replies)
Military neck
Nov 11, 2006
... and then on the hips. The natural "S" curve in the neck helps the body maintain its structural balance. ... (3 replies)
... My neck is like that too. I have arthritis in my neck too. No Dr. has ever suggested any treatment for the loss of curvature in my neck. ... (6 replies)
... hat bad now I can only imagine in 20, 30 or 40 years. I want to do something about it now, but doctors all seem to blow me off cause I'm young. I just want the neck spasms to go away! ... (6 replies)
Military Neck TMJ
Jun 29, 2015
... Because of the location of neck/jaw muscles and the inner ear the ringing could definitely be related. Massage or physical therapy is definitely the way to go (16 replies)
Military Neck TMJ
Jun 29, 2015
... No not really. It seems connected just because the whole jaw ears and neck thing came together at roughly the same time (16 replies)
Military Neck TMJ
Jun 28, 2015
... b. I am looking into it now. It just gets very hard to cope with the constant ringing all day long in my ears. If there was a way to reduce the ringing and begin neck rehab would be so beneficial. Any ringing ideas? ... (16 replies)
... I just found out that I had this after an MRI for a pinched nerve. The neurologist just pointed it out and didn't say anything else, he was treating me for a pinched nerve so I guess he had to have his blinders on. My physical therapist said that it can develop with age, but seeing that I'm late 40's she said I'm much too young. She's working on loosening the neck muscles... (6 replies)
... Literati, I believe I know of what you're talking about. My son has this as well, and his dentist refers to it as "The Curve of Georgia." (This in refernce to a "normal neck) He said that most with TMJD have this problem. (His was noted on MRI and x-ray) I was told that my son's was related to spasming of the muscles. I believe this to be true, as the "curve" seems to be... (6 replies)
... and that your spinal misalignment is not causing your tmj but rather your tmj is causing your misalignment. Most tmj sufferers have a spinal problem. The strait neck your doctor found was what they call "military neck" which is caused from neck muscles that are constantly in spasm. ... (7 replies)
... For some context, I have a scoliosis curve at the base of my neck which pulls my head to the right a little, as well as the military neck. ... (11 replies)
... Have you ever had your neck and spine alignment checked? ... (8 replies)
... This all sounds like classic tmjd. Many of us have experienced the arm and hand tingling... the neck muscles spasm and compress the nerves that run down into the arm. ... (4 replies)

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