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Tmj and ear ache
Dec 1, 2011
... I discovered my TMJ due to ear problems I had. First I started with a stuffy ear, which didn't pop for over a year, then the severe ear pain set in. It felt like I had a bad ear infection but my PCP, ENT and Audiologist couldn't find anything wrong. ... (10 replies)
... If it offers any comfort, many tmj sufferers feel their glands and nymph nodes are swollen in the neck area, they can feel hot in the area as well and their necks can hurt. ... (6 replies)
... which caused my jaw to be permanently off. ... (3 replies)

... neck pain tmjd sufferer. After a prolonged period of talking my jaw started to ache last night. I woke at 5 am, it felt like it was coming from my one wisdom tooth that has come through, the others are impacted. ... (3 replies)
... terrible neck pain. ... (2 replies)
... out as ive had something a little similar to your symptoms for 9 months now! Ive always been very healthy and out of nowhere last April I started getting a dull ache down my left arm and sometimes it would feel numb. ... (11 replies)
Pain in jaw
May 30, 2008
... related its bound to happen. And bones are really not flexible so there's going to be pain similar to that of bruising. ... (4 replies)
... cracking, crunching and popping noises from my jaw, earache, jaw ache, facial pain, head pains, scalp pain, neck pain, lower back pain, eye pain. ... (7 replies)
... its not a tooth ache but more like my tooth is being pulled on constantly. ... (17 replies)
... neck pain and my face feels like it is pulled all to one side and my head still tilts to one side as well, my jaw moves awkwardly and I am still having trouble swallowing. ... (22 replies)
... Hi Tia: Your symptoms sure sound like TMJ. TMJ can cause some really strange symptoms. Here is a list of symptoms. I believe this was originally posted by Cymy Sue or Marlene. I can't remember for sure. The Kinnie-Funt Visual Index of Head, Neck and Facial Pain and TMJ Dysfuction: Eye Pain and Eye Problems: - eye pain above, below, behind - bloodshot eyes - blurring... (5 replies)
... im embarassed by how long this is... :| Ear Pain and Problems: + Right ear pain ; Feeling of fullness in right ear Eye Pain and Problems: + Bloodshot eyes + Drooping of right eye lid + Light sensitivity + Watering of the eyes (25 replies)
... What diagnostic tests have you had of the TMJ joints? MRI? CT Scan? (7 replies)
... I have been reading these boards for months but this is my first posting. I have been dealing with cheek, face, head, teeth, and neck pain since February of this year. It started out as an earache that never went away then a dull ache in my lower jaw behind the back molar. ... (7 replies)
... It all started 9 weeks ago with a very severe sore throat that persisted for 3 weeks. The throat pain was so severe that I could not eat anything and I was loosing 3 kg. in just the first 3 weeks. ... (6 replies)
... I have had a similar problem. I have had tmj problem since 2010 and has progressively worsened and now I have chronic neck pain and recently I have developed pain swallowing. My dentist and the ENT thinks it due to muscles in my neck spasming. ... (6 replies)
... burning. It comes and goes but has generally been managed. Until now. Earlier this year I began noticing how tired and strained my face and neck muscles would feel after talking for long periods of time. ... (0 replies)
... I have chronic neck and shoulder pain too. ... (21 replies)
... Back in April I started having a tingly sensation in my left upper shoulder and then would have a dull ache on the left side of my neck as well. I started noticing that when I would tilt my head to the right, the left side of my neck felt so tight. ... (7 replies)
... you mean about agony after a dental visit. Holding my mouth in an open position, and usually having to force beyond what I could really open created severe head pain for me for at least a day. ... (6 replies)

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