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... I am not sure of your current dental history or if you are being treated for tmj or other dental problems but its not unusual for teeth to feel like they are moving or shifting or falling out with tmj. ... (2 replies)
... I'm just wondering how this relates to my tmj problem. I haven't been wearing my splint at night because I've been in so much pain and can't sleep but my teeth feel like they're lined up better. There's also been so much other pain that I haven't noticed the tmj problem. ... (7 replies)
... or does it feel like your face is being pulled on the side that's hurting? ... (5 replies)

... Cymy Sue I had my disc on both sides put back in place, and they put a pin in there to hold them in place. The pin is suppose to look like the end of an arrown. I had an MRI prior to surgery. Also my TMJ Dentist adjusted my splint most of last year without bringing me any relief. ... (11 replies)
... laying badminton when my right eye lid started twitching. Within the hour i lost control of both my eyelids. I was unable to see for 3 days. I suffer from severe nerve pain and muscle spasms that affect my head, scalp, jaw, neck and right shoulder that leaves my right arm paralysed from the elbow up. ... (12 replies)
... have seen numerous doctors, yet nobody can seem to figure out how to break the pain cycle and relieve the other symptoms. I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel about getting rid of these symptoms. ... (17 replies)
... Nerve pain is a strange sensation. For example, I can touch my skin by my chin, yet I feel it up by my forehead. If nerve pain becomes a problem after surgery, there are meds you can take to target that specific problem. I also had a trigeminal nerve block on each side to help. ... (48 replies)
What is THIS?
Aug 4, 2010
... efore the car rattles my jaws I guess and muscle spasams increase and go into the eyes, they first start aching BAD, then I have to blink and blink and then they feel like acid poured intot hem and then they start blinking uncontroalably and I have to pull over! I can't drive like that and as said its 180 mile commute... ... (8 replies)
... in are better, but I still have symptoms at times of ear pain. I told my medical doctor that my ear hurts when I lie on it or touch it. She thinks I might have nerve irritation, but she didn't explain to me how I got it. We may try another medication with or without it after a trial run on the Zanaflex. ... (11 replies)
... Oh my goodness girl! I feel for you so much. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I understand the desperation, the feeling of constantly racing through ideas and 'what if's". ... (7 replies)
... your face and jaws feel completely different. Or when you lay down your jaws have to reposition themselves a lot. ... (63 replies)
... d ears and vertigo still suck. This is scaring me too, because I wonder if it will ever end. From the outside of me, I look normal and healthy. From the inside I feel like I am imploding, for lack of a better word. The spasms are horrific and I feel like my head is all tight. He says it is anxiety. ... (16 replies)
Burning scalp...
Nov 4, 2002
... I've had burning pain all over my head. I always feel like I have bruises on the top of my head. This has been going on for years. I've been told by all kinds of Drs. that it's muscle spasms. ... (4 replies)
... Hey Mustang, mine started to finally feel a little better last night only to wake this morning with it bad again. This is so frustrating. ... (14 replies)
... do an old root canal. No novacaine or sedation of any type...said he had to know if any live nerve endings existed to explain my nagging pain...there was. So painful that I pushed him away by reflex and down with him, went a tray of sterile instruments! ... (15 replies)
... I have read a few of your posts and you seem very knowledgable. Like yourself I was referred to a maxillo facial consulatant initially for severe facial and jaw pain. ... (40 replies)
... Acadmy Animal for at least eight years. I have my dogs groomed there by Sheila. Michelle is the receptionist. I like her and Sheila a lot. We have boarded the animals several times with good results. ... (36 replies)
... ray done and pinpointed problems with my TMJ...i also had an overly large jaw and when i yawn it cracks like crazy.... ... (1 replies)
... Sorry this didn't get addressed before hand. But the sore throat and jawline pain are absolute symptoms of tmj! Sometimes I get what almost feel like egg size lumps in my throat, but there is really nothing there. I have also had very swollen glands all in my neck area without any illness from tmj. ... (7 replies)
Cymy Sue
Dec 3, 2003
... ure out what's causing all these symptoms exactly. I'm hoping when the doctor changes my splint position, it might change the symptoms and take the disc off of a nerve or something. Splint therapy takes awhile to get right. ... (6 replies)

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