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... I was hoping someone could give me some advise on what to do next. I too suffered from extreme ear pain on the right side. After a year of going back to the doctor he finally mentioned TMJ. ... (25 replies)
... I'm in Ca. also, but in San Diego. I've recently starting treatment with a TMJ specialist. My regular dentist didn't have a clue about TMJ. ... (4 replies)
... pain is a constant 7, but often a 10. There is a constant pressure associated with the pain, like sinus pressure. When I move my eyes side to side, it feels as if my eye sockets are really sore, and like my eyes are BULGING OUT. ... (17 replies)

... There are so many here in such terrible pain and looking for help, I just want to stress to you to be absolutely certain before you undergo any invasive procedure. ... (17 replies)
Displaced disc
Jun 27, 2003
... and that the noise in my left tmj joint is pressure in the joint. He said the specialists are only in it for the money. I don't know what to believe anymore. ... (25 replies)
... I first noticed a problem in my left jaw around Thanksgiving of last year. I recall that it started with a dull pain in what I believed to be my lower jaw. Nothing seemed to trigger the pain, it was not constant and appeared to just be random. ... (1 replies)
... and one stuck a camera in my nose that went down to my throat. ... (11 replies)
... He felt all around my face, head, under my chin, neck, inside my mouth. As he was doing this, I had to tell him if it hurt and how much. ... (8 replies)
Really nervous
Jun 2, 2005
... A couple weeks ago I got a really bad cold due to allergies. While being sick my right ear felt really full, and i figured it was just an ear infection. While i had the ear infection i started going online to check out my symptoms. ... (0 replies)
... m still struggling to figure out what is wrong. It has definitely taken a toll on me! Any suggestions or anything would be much appreciated. It is quite long and in depth..sorry about that..but I felt like I needed to include as much information as possible. Thanks again for any help! ... (11 replies)
... In my late twenties I noticed sharp pain and tenderness on my left jaw in front of the ear. I found a palpable mass there that was tender. If I opened my jaw I could feel it sliding over the jaw. ... (4 replies)
... i get the strangest squelchy noise when i open my mouth and push air out of my lungs';';let me explain';;'';my ear will become real blocked';';like a hot air feeling than it feels as if my ear tightens on the side of my head like the scalp muscles under ear tighten and than i unblock ears by holding nose and popping and it does pop but that air feeling does not go away';';... (4 replies)
... ward to seeing how handsome I would be as an older person. However, I think a combination of bad habits such as nail biting, excessive yawning, biting my cheeks, mouth breathing, grinding my teeth, stomach sleeping, and chewing with one side of my mouth ruined my bite. ... (6 replies)
... i cant find what is causing this sqelchy noise in my ear when i open my also locks my jaw after moving my mouth too much to squelch my ears.. ... (6 replies)
... in Jan, and feb, did not hear it any more untill july, now I have this viberating noise in my left ear, all the time, and then I went back to the dentist, to see if my bit e was off, he filed a bit down on the right side, and then 2 weeks later, I got a clogged ear, and dizzyness, in my right ear. ... (25 replies)
... today I can't open my mouth more than about a finger and don't know what to do... ... (5 replies)
The Others
Oct 20, 2002
... I am very new to this forum, but have lived with Tmjd most of my life. The theory is that I was born with malformed joints. I am 50. In the last couple of days, I have tried to read all of the posts. I have been looking for you for a long time, especially the "older members". ... (2 replies)
... Hope you all are hanging in there! ... (8 replies)
Is this TMJ?
Jun 27, 2009
... PS--Post where you live, and maybe you can get a referral from somebody. Also, look on the great tmj doctors thread at the top of the page. (11 replies)
Is this TMJ?
Jun 27, 2009
... hI--Sorry all your symptoms, it definitely sounds like tmj. Please find a specialist in your area that hopefully belongs to these 3 associations: American Academy of Craniofacial Pain American Academy of Orofacial Pain American Academy Asoc. for Functional Orthodics--You will get the best care I believe with someone going this route. The earlier you get treatment with... (11 replies)

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