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... oni, you sound like me before I got in a splint. My teeth and bite never felt comfortable once the dentist started messing with it. I wish I had found my current tmj doctor 2 years ago before all the others got ahold of me and my money. I truly think I would have been an easy case at that point. ... (7 replies)
Zig-Zag motion.
Aug 25, 2006
... Another story, NYU TMJ clinic. Very bad i have to say. Went in for a tmj examination. Students checked me out, and told the professor in charge that i wasn't contacting or very little on my left side. ... (22 replies)
... I am not surprised - my trips to both NYU's and Columbia's dental schools was futile as well - yet several dentists suggested I try them as well as one in NJ. I don't think tmj training is provided by some of the dental schools - maybe just the basics - but advanced training in it is probably left to practicing dentists to pursue on their own. That's probably why there are... (4 replies)

... I know what works for the pain and dysfunction of TMJ and that's the massage therapy my chiropractor does with a gloved hand inside my mouth. ... (8 replies)
... Hi ladies - oh I hate mornings LOL Stillhope - I tried the OTC mouthguard when I still had my teeth and the pain was still primarily located on the anterior bridges and only slight adjustments had been done to back teeth - but I found I needed more bulk toward the cheek on one side only, my right. The bulk on the one side made my muscles on that side stretch a bit more but... (82 replies)
... leaning towards crossing Dr. Gelb off the list so far based on what I've read on the board, unless you think I should still consider him for my relatively "mild" TMJ problem. For the others I'll see if they are covered under my medical insurance. ... (6 replies)
... they are good I would imagine if your tmj problem is not incapacitating and has not morphed into dental distress syndrome. ... (6 replies)
... Next week, I'm going to the NYU dental school's TMJ clinic in NYC and I'll see what I can find out.... In the middle of May, I have an appt. ... (8 replies)
Zig-Zag motion.
Sep 6, 2006
... I went to NYU as well - what a waste! I was told there was a 3 month waiting list for the tmj clinic - so I went to the pain mgmt clinic for meds every other week - each time a new student dentist which are supposedly grad students asked me to describe what my problem was - I wanted to scream "its in the file from my last appt - please don't ask someone who can barely open... (22 replies)
... TL, you said that you went to the TMJ clinic in NYC school. Was it in NYU? ... (82 replies)
... dental school. Just in case anyone else in the New York area is looking for honest dentists with integrity to do a good job if I had it to do over, when I hear NYU dental school I wish I had run the other way. Another marketing tool I have seen advertised by their dental clinic are implants. ... (7 replies)
... it dulls the pain and my head as well but doesn't do much to stop the spasms. I take amitryptiline as well. I went to a Pain Mgmt Clinic at NYU's dental school and was told these drugs were commonly used to treat spasms and pain for tmj, myofacial pain, etc. ... (7 replies)
... It does sound like tmj - have you had a tomogram or MRI of the upper and lower jaws? Although I am not that technically knoweldgeable of it (some here are though), it sounds like your joint is locking, either due to its position or arthritis or a condyle is not able to move freely. I have been to NYU's pain mgmt clinic as well - they should be able to prescribe some... (6 replies)
Do I have TMJ?
May 2, 2003
... In my case, although I have a TMJ condition, massage therapy keeps my jaw muscles reasonably well aligned. ... (1 replies)
... I have been a patient at the New York Chiropractic College Clinic in Levittown, and I am a patient with an excellent chiropractoric practice in New York, Sinnet Chiropractic. ... (9 replies)
... So Dr Bassiur is accepting new patients; I guess the online sites are wrong or have not been updated recently. Its a good thing you called. I went to NYU's TMJ dept and their TMJ Pain Mgmt clinic - I got lost in the shuffle so to speak; no one seemed to know what dr I should see even though Dr Tannenbaum gave me the names of several to ask for; then they gave me tel numbers... (14 replies)
... If you search the web for tmj specialists, or orofacial pain, myofacial pain specialists or dentists in NYC you should find several. ... (6 replies)
... I have heard others here say neurontin is good for this (tmj) type of pain. I take triavil (perphanizine/amitriptyline combo ) which was prescribe by a dr at NYU's tmj pain mgmt clinic - and recently Luvtocamp pointed out that triavil can cause permament tardive dsykinesia (especially for woman) - which is a muscle movement disorder - which seems conflicting as then why would... (8 replies)
... I am sure there are others here that are having problems with their condyles - some just don't log in every day so hopefully they will do so shortly and offer some advice. I have consulted with more than 20 drs over a 4 year period - the first few told me it was imagined pain and referred me to a therapist, after several months I developed neck problems and severe body... (9 replies)
... October. Dr. Bassiur also takes my insurance, which is fantastic. I have an appointment at the NYU clinic but I may cancel that after seeing Dr. Bassiur. ... (14 replies)

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