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... Talk or speak more out of one side of their mouth than the other? ... (10 replies)
... I have this problem. I try to say some words n they come out slurred n stuff.. I also notice speaking throaugh my right side.. Have you ever yawned and pulled something in your throat? ... (10 replies)
... Hi, i too talk out of the side of my mouth. My left condle disc is worn away completely and my chin is a bit lopsided. Sometimes my words come out all wrong as well. Do you have this problem? ... (10 replies)

... I assumed he would be recommending a new splint or guard. He even took a mold of my teeth during the last visit. Instead, he took my old occlusal guard, the one I've had for about 7 years, and adjusted the bite on it a bit. All that guard does is help protect my teeth from further damage. ... (31 replies)
... knot in front of my right ear. The dentist tried to lower the crown but this made it flat and didn't help with the ear aches plus now I felt like my lower left side was feeling lower or being pushed down and the right was pushing further up. ... (63 replies)
Appliance Fitting
Nov 21, 2008
... They keep pushing my right side in toward my mouth and the left side out toward my ear and I feel it should be just the opposite. ... (50 replies)
... kind of like a knee joint giving out but then it popped back into place. ... (12 replies)
... Thanks for replying i feel that i am going out of my mind and as i have nobody else to talk to about this tha knows what i am going through it is very hard. ... (12 replies)
Dec 24, 2008
... I try not to open my mouth too wide to speak either. ... (76 replies)
... Not long ago I found out that I have TMJ. The Dr asked me if I ever felt my jaw popping or cracking etc... I told her no that I did not. All I knew is that I was having pain. ... (2 replies)
... They know now that this very simple minded approach has been disasterous to those who were unfortunate enough to be in the experimental phase of trying to figure out what TMJD is. However, they will not admit to it and there are still very few who will connect all of the symtoms. ... (23 replies)
... First MRI showed only shreds of soft tissue hanging out of joint. ... (17 replies)
... I work in sales and do a lot of talking. I noticed that at times the more I talk the more aggravated it becomes. Did that happen with you? ... (9 replies)
... WOW! Sorry of I write too much, but I am rather passionate about this subject because it troubled me for over a year. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with these symptoms! I am 20 years old, junior in college, and it seems to be some kind of epidemic that is facing our age group. ... (27 replies)
... the dentist who did the replacements felt it hit the side or corner of my upper lip too much so he filed it down more than the other side. ... (80 replies)
LTC - how are you?
Jul 31, 2008
... Funny you mention the trays, the lower tray when they push down hurts on side of my lower gum, the one that is not as long, and I told the girl in the office the tray needed to be shorter and she said it didn't matter, same thing happened at the prostho. ... (93 replies)
LTC - how are you?
Jul 31, 2008
... c I can't get teeth in my mouth. My sister said she thinks my jaw and mouth are just so used to not having anything in there that I will never be comfortable but this is more than not being comfortable. ... (93 replies)
... Thanks for the reply first of all and thanks for reassuring me. Do you know of any good sites that specifically talk about this? ... (4 replies)
... Thank you for your reply also, you do think that you are alone on this dont you it is great that i am able to talk to you guys about this. I am so confused Thelma i do not know enough about any of this so please bare with me. ... (12 replies)
... he manipulated my jaw and he gave a shot of cortisone into the joint and rinsed out the joint and under general aneasethetic got my jaw to open to 30 mm. However, I couldn't maintain this. ... (5 replies)

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