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... I have read that TMD can cause phantom tooth pain and it can refer pain to other parts of your body (I have it in my neck and shoulders) like your teeth. I just had a crown put on last Thursday and had a couple of good days but today has been pretty bad. My ears were blocked from New Year's Day until mid-April when they finally started to improve and finally around... (1 replies)
... are swollen. It is no infection cause it is really hard like bone. Also the gums around the teeth are burning like crazy. I still rinse my mouth several times a day with salt and baking soda in water. I feel this helps a little. ... (1 replies)
Tmj gums burning?
Apr 29, 2018
... ve had burning sensations in my gums and the roof of my mouth. ... (1 replies)

Tmj gums burning?
May 29, 2018
... are aching and when you say burning gums I know what u mean. ... (1 replies)
Burning gums
Feb 8, 2006
... he prescribed some corsodyl mouthwash for me. Rinsed my mouth only 3 times yesterday with it and guess what woke up this morning and the burning sensation has finally gone. The tooth is still slightly sore but not as bad, so all I can gather is that the clenching of teeth was causing this. ... (5 replies)
Burning gums
Feb 9, 2006
... m from the UK so don't know wether it would be different, if your from another country. The mouthwash has chlorhexidine digluconate for bleeding gums, irritated gums and mouth ulcers. I should imagine with clenching teeth it has irritated my gums and maybe thats why it gives relief. ... (5 replies)
TMJ Ear Pain etc
Mar 25, 2009
... s and due to inability of dentists to make me a bottom set that I can wear as my lower gums are very deformed from prev dental work I manage with only an upper set of dentures but of course this gives me a terrible bite and puts great strain on my tmj. ... (2 replies)
Burning gums
Feb 9, 2006
... I have also had phantom tooth pain, I had four wisdom teeth removed. I have had a really sore gum in the past but it isn't too bad at the moment. When I brush my teeth I have to do it really softly or the pain can start up and last for day's. ... (5 replies)
Burning gums
Feb 8, 2006
... fter I had a veneer put on my front tooth. The tooth was damaged in childhood, had calcified and discolored. My dentist suggested a veneer. Since this time my gums hurt, my tooth also hurts now. My dentist could not figure it out so he suggested I see an endo. This lady is very nice. ... (5 replies)
... look a little shocked by the noise. I was extremely anxious during the visit my dentist had just informed me that I would need to have my three remaining wisdom teeth removed at the hospital. ... (4 replies)
... It has to do with neuralgia of some kind. Nerve pain sometimes is burning. Maybe your nerves are healing too! Burning is a sign of that also. Funny you mentioned a hypnotist, because I have an appointment with one today, Monday at 7PM! We are on the same wave length I think! ... (23 replies)
Chronic tooth pain
Sep 26, 2003
... the tooth aching. The root canal was redone several times, and then finally the tooth was extracted. That didn't end the pain, so I subsequently had my wisdom teeth out, the adjoining tooth out, a top tooth out and finally gum surgery because it was suspected a root tip may have been left behind. ... (2 replies)
... What diagnostic tests have you had of the TMJ joints? MRI? CT Scan? (7 replies)
... I have been reading these boards for months but this is my first posting. I have been dealing with cheek, face, head, teeth, and neck pain since February of this year. It started out as an earache that never went away then a dull ache in my lower jaw behind the back molar. Like many of you, I went to my gp who prescribed antibiotics brushing it off as an infection. Over the... (7 replies)
... I don't hear the crunching sound anymore, but my jaw is tight when I try to open it too far. The main problem is the burning in my mouth and gums but hopefully once my jaw is back in its normal position the nerves can then begin to heal. ... (4 replies)
... hi all do you get the ear pain when you yawn? i know you shouldent yawn but my ear pain is like a sort or relief of presure you know when your ears crackle and pop? just wondered also i have started to get pain under my chin like there is something sort of moving there. My pain and where i feel it changes all the time its unreal i think my partner thinks im making it up but it... (18 replies)
... I am still having a burning sensation that comes and goes, but, I am really run down so the doctor has me taking supplements and I'm to go have my neck worked on. ... (13 replies)

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