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... I've had TMJD for 14 years and was diagnosed with tinnitus in 1998 by an audiologist. I have no hearing loss, however. Neither the audiologist nor I connected the tinnitus with my TMJD. ... (12 replies)
... After years of trying all kinds of supplements, creams, physio due to insane amounts of pain...the thing that I have found that has helped the most is the Tens machine...I was recently considering buying a Tens machine and finally tried one out at my NM dentist's before being measured up for my splint. ... (4 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear that your condition hasn't been improving and that you're still in pain. I can understand how frustrated you must feel. I was wondering, have you considered purchasing a Tens machine ? ... (9 replies)

... Yes, he does have tinnitus constantly and it is a major symptom for him. ... (16 replies)
... tensing because my bite was misaligned. So I had an occlusal adjustment along with a proper splint. I guess I don't really see the difference here between him and a nueromuscular dentist, except for the fact that he did not use TENS to relax the muscles. ... (4 replies)
... symtoms you've mentioned are very common with TMJD. The pain on the top of your head is usually the temporal muscles in spasm. It can hurt awful, feel very tight and sometimes the top of your head will feel like you've been hit with a hammer. ... (4 replies)
... He has been doing that same arm crap to me all along. Honestly, I have no idea how that is supposed to prove that the splint he made is working and will resolve all my problems. Rather than proving it with xrays of my alignment and joints, he did this arm thing. Now I am starting to feel very naive. ... (15 replies)
... I have a kid dealing with this that began while in braces. His problems began last December. He's had a constant headache since then, along with tinnitus, neck and back pain, along with other symptoms. He's tried too many drugs to name, physical therapy, massotherapy, and a chiropractor, just to name a few. ... (16 replies)
... Gosh, I didn't realize Mike suffered with the tinnitus too. Is this a major symptom for him, or is the ringing very transient in that it comes and goes and is brief in duration? ... (16 replies)
... I am wondering where I go from here if this splint isn't the solution. I keep wondering about my neck, and if this could be leading the jaw into dysfunction. ... (16 replies)
... it was truly a busy day for me and I enjoyed every moment. There were moments when I forgot about the tinnitus until Mr. TMJ said I wont let you forget me. the pain began then the popping and crackling in ear opening and closing. ... (9 replies)
TMJ or Not?
Apr 29, 2013
... just muscle spasm type pain from clenching at night, today I saw a neuromuscular dentist who also said I don't have tmj persay but its muscular, he put me on a tens unit for an hour and well he said it takes 24 hours to get full effect... ... (1 replies)
... ttom second molar. Because of that, she was experiencing headaches. Probably due to muscle spasming as that had happened to me. Well the patient had a filling and everything turned back to normal for her. I guess i was expecting something of that sort. I was willing to try the splint he gave me. The bottom one. ... (15 replies)
... Hi, I just wrote this out and my computer crashed, so I'll try it again. I decided to start a new thread, because I think it is hard to follow all the replies... ... (3 replies)
... treatment until I find something that relieves the pain and other symptoms. I have seen numerous doctors, yet nobody can seem to figure out how to break the pain cycle and relieve the other symptoms. ... (17 replies)

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