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... Greetings from a Myotronics user. I am wired up and my face is, in fact, twitching away at this moment! It's an intriguing look... ... (16 replies)
TENS unit info
Jun 15, 2003
... Some of you have been mentioning that TENS units help you with the pain. I have a TENS unit that is not specifically made for TMJ but for any type of injury. The smallest electrodes I can get are 2 inches x 2 inches. ... (1 replies)
... I have had severe neck, shoulder and back pain with my TMJ ... ... (8 replies)

... most ins will cover use of the tens unit and the fee for the splint. ... (5 replies)
... c he took some classes in tmj and now has a certificate stating he treats tmj. ... (15 replies)
... including migraines, stabbing or shooting pain in the head or around the ears and neck, tingling or numbness, etc is pretty common with tmj and so is what the tmj specialist recommended including the PT, which I might add should be covered by most medical insurances. ... (12 replies)
... taking time off work twice a week is not feasible for me, i am not sure that anyone would have the ability to do that and still keep their job. I am going the biofeedback route with the NTI device and they recommend braces to correct the underlying problems with my bite. ... (12 replies)
Jul 27, 2008
... It can last several weeks to a few months - its hard to say. If after a month with no improvement then at the very least your dentist or dr should have a tomogram or MRI done to see if this is more than just inflamation such as disc displacement or joint issue, etc. Muscle relaxants such as flexeril may help, an anti-inflamatory may help as well like an NSAID - but in... (5 replies)
... this is invasive too, but it is a step below the arthocentesis and a further step away from the arthroscopy. "dealing with it" is easier said than done, right? ... (17 replies)
... or correct bite issues. So if you like the Tens Unit and have gotten relief or improvement in other areas when using it then try it. ... (1 replies)
... I would purchase a Myotronic tens unit first and use it daily for about 3-4 hours...before I would do botox. They run around $600, and may be paid by insurance. 'Good luck! (5 replies)
... if there is cranial derangement where facial and head bones are not where they belong due to being forced out of alignment as a reuslt of the tmj issue, the tens unit can make things feel worse if you force the muscles to move in an environment in which they can not. ... (14 replies)
Jun 12, 2011
... I am not entirely sure what you mean by a low freq. unit. I have one that has 5 different settings, and within those settings, you can control the frequency. Mine was prescribed, but I have seen a quite a few of them on websites that you can get without a script. ... (5 replies)
... is one of the main causes of tmj in later years. ... (10 replies)
... After years of trying all kinds of supplements, creams, physio due to insane amounts of pain...the thing that I have found that has helped the most is the Tens machine...I was recently considering buying a Tens machine and finally tried one out at my NM dentist's before being measured up for my splint. ... (4 replies)
TMJ and tens units
Oct 15, 2007
... I have a tens unit for my back and neck after I had my neck surgery. I have severe headaches from TMJ and I wanted to know if I can use my tens unit around that area. My instructions say not to use it above the neck, but I wondered if I use it at a lower setting, if I could use it to ease this pain. ... (6 replies)
TMJ and tens units
Oct 17, 2007
... a ulf tens unit, which stands for ultra low frequency. ... (6 replies)
... A TENS unit is a small machine that sends electrical stimulation to your muscles and nerves that helps to block pain signals and helps loosen up muscles. ... (8 replies)
... From what I understand a night guard is just for clenching and grinding. What a splint does, at least in my case is put my jaw in its correct position. My jaw is so much more forward. ... (12 replies)
... muscular tmj dentist? ... (5 replies)

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