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... I need to find out if any other TMJ sufferers have pain on both sides of their head in the temple area. I have had this constant pain for 3 years with no diagnosis and am beginning to suspect a jaw problem even though I have no actual jaw pain. I describe my pain as a "burning" or intense pressure. ... (6 replies)
... Hey Mustang, mine started to finally feel a little better last night only to wake this morning with it bad again. This is so frustrating. Mine is mainly left side too, but right side has some milder symptoms.. ... (14 replies)
... Wow, sounds like me. ,The back of,my head hurts too and if I put pressure on it hurts my face and sometimes I see flickers or light. ... (14 replies)

... I just started with a new chiro and she said my atlas c1 was a little tilted and as such my head is sitting crooked. Also my cervicals are messed up. ... (11 replies)
... louise, do you have spots on your scalp that are sore to the touch? ... (11 replies)
... Almost a month ago from now, I noticed myself clenching at night. I would consciously place my tongue in between my mouth, and would wake up from biting down on it. And the since then, it all went a little like this... ... (9 replies)
... I was wondering if people could tell me if I have TMJ. For about a week and a half now I've been having a bad neck strain which hurts on my left side especially when I rotate my head to the left. I feels like a pressure in the back of my head. ... (13 replies)
Part of TMJ?
Jan 4, 2004
... I was diagnosed with TMJ about 5 years ago and have been wearing a top and bottom splint for that amount of time. I've never really had problems with my ears before, but now I am. I have this pain in the right ear and earlobe. My ear feels hot and like it is on fire at times, although it doesn't get red. ... (6 replies)
... I've had tension in my head and pressure and pain right in front of my ears. ... (0 replies)
... A little about my history. ... (21 replies)
... Ok so I'm 17 and I have been having problems with TMJ for at least 3 years now and also sinus problems. I constantly have to spit out mucus throughout the whole entire year and my nose is always stuffed up. ... (3 replies)
... I know this is an old thread, but I just HAD to reply because I am having the EXACT same symptoms as you...and on the left side too! There's an "ache" deep in my throat, left side. But way down in there, not like a regular sore throat where it hurts to swallow. ... (5 replies)
... I was at a party and was talking to people. One person was a physical therapist and my husband told him I had TMJ. He looked at me and said, well, yeah, the left side is the worst, look at the way you stand and hold your head. ... (2 replies)
... diagnosis about 4 years ago. I started to feel a tingling in my left cheek. It was accompanied by very bad headaches that I took advil for. I was worried that it might be a stroke due to the tingling. ... (5 replies)
Sep 16, 2007
... I have been experiencing the following symptoms and wondered if anyone has experienced this. I plan on making a doctors appointment but want try to determine who i should go to. ... (1 replies)
... even though I hear of all the progress we have made and preventative measures, and so forth. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, my name is Jim, i am 30 and live in iowa, i am new to the boards and felt i would share my story, bare with me as there will be many typo's in my post since as i type my eyes are watering from jaw, head, neck, ear and eye pain. ... (9 replies)
... I'm sorry this is long. Please read what I wrote and help me out. I feel stuck with my situation. I appreciate your help SO much! ... (9 replies)
... My TMJ doctor's visit was very tramatic for me. The consultation took 3 hours! I was very sad and depressed when I got home. I just cried and cried. ... (7 replies)
... hi new guy here im 20 years old and im having some problems with what i believe is TMJ, and my wisdom teeth probably aren't helping the situation ether. ... (1 replies)

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