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... After receiving a load of muscle relaxants and a dental mouthpiece, I noticed that my left ear was loose. The top of the ear was loose, and I had a sore, cramped muscle running along the tragus near the TMJ joint. ... (2 replies)
... I am new to this forum, I want to confirm that yes TMJ does result in ear pain for some. ... (2 replies)
... I had the stuffed ear feeling and it turned out to be the medial pterygoid muscle. That's one of your internal jaw chewing muscles. When it's tight the muscle blocks the eustachian tube from opening properly. ... (20 replies)

... d she said it sounded like reflux and neck pain was a pulled muscle. Within days my jaw on the left side started to lock every so often and right in front of my ear would get really sore. Went to ENT and she said the throat problem sounded like LPR and my neck was very tight so she thought it was a pulled muscle as well. ... (7 replies)
... I too have neck problems a C5-C6 disc herniation abutting spinal cord and mild spinal stenosis, I was already beat up with THAT then cervical traction for the neck caused this madness, its just been downhill since and see no way back right think I will have to live like this for another day is just too much. I have been praying so hard, taking vitamins and I think I... (7 replies)
... I've had muscle spams from the start. For the longest time, I didn't know what was causing them. In my case, the pain is on my right side around the ear. ... (7 replies)
... too quickly two years ago. The drug has muscle relaxant properties, and when I came off fast without a good taper, I experienced very very severe rebound muscle tension, especially in my neck, shoulders and face. Within months, I noticed my jaw was clicking and it's been downhill since. ... (23 replies)
... Another possibility for your ear "stuffiness" might be an active "trigger point" in your medial pterygoid muscle on either or both sides of your lower jawbones. ... (10 replies)
... r neck and shoulder will start to spasm and feel like your muscles are constantly stiff. This is also from the TMJ. One thing that really helps is to have a deep muscle massage from a licensed massage therapist. ... (25 replies)
Ear pain
Apr 17, 2011
... I used to use the neti pot when I had several infections one year and then got lazy. I need to start again. Sounds like you have a rough time too. I would consider any treatments, but sadly my insurance has a $30 copay for everything and it is too expensive for me right now to do anything. I saw a TMJ specialist and would do work on me for $6500, so I just deal. Even my... (10 replies)
... They do testing that ENT's don't. A good Audiologist could help rule out some other ear problems. ... (20 replies)
Muscle spasms?
Aug 7, 2002
... Any ideas on how to relieve the nasty muscle spasms? ... (2 replies)
... It is funny you mention it, because when I was researching which muscle it was the digastric mucscle dod seem to be a real possibility. ... (4 replies)
... I have been experiencing tremendous tightness in the muscle located at the recess, or depression, just behind the earlobe. I think that the muscle may be called the stylohyoideus but am not sure. ... (4 replies)
... Might it be the digastric muscle? You can look at it by googling round earth publishing. They have a good listing of the muscles of the head/neck and all their functions. I found it to be quite interesting (4 replies)
... Hi there---I think you are probably referring to the SCM should get relief from a qualified massotherapist for your condition..Make sure that they also are familiar with treating tmd patients, because IMO, those are the most knowledgable, and good at their craft. You will not need any sort of injections..:) (4 replies)
... er. Since then I have been in severe pain. I have been to so many specialists as I didn't connect it was related to my dental visit. My symptoms are severe right ear pain, right jaw pain, right throat pain, headache sometimes, right glands hurt, clicking popping sounds when chewing, tight digastric muscle pain.... ... (8 replies)
... ff will disappear because I had it disappear before when I initially had it then got better then got worse from failed attempts from dentist. I do actually use a muscle rub cream, it's a natural based cream call arnica cream or gel and I use magnesium spray. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Jitterbug, It sounds like you have been through the ringer with this disease. I am so so sorry for your pain and discomfort. I currently do not have symptoms as severe as yours. If the surgery irritated the cranial nerve system... it may be possible that over time the nerve could heal. Have you ever tried a pain gel before- i believe there are some that aim to relieve... (12 replies)
... ot solve or create more problems. It seems as though when I pull outwards on my cheek bone the pain seems to go away and there is less cracking and popping in my ear which i believe is a tight facial muscle. ... (1 replies)

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