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... I too have been suffering with tightness in my head and neck for quite some time. It hasn't been 18 months, but it has been 5 so far. ... (23 replies)
... im really interested in what you find out as ive had something a little similar to your symptoms for 9 months now! ... (11 replies)
... I cannot even believe my eyes after I read your post, your symptoms are exactly, and I mean EXACTLY what I have been going through. If it helps at all just know you arn't in this alone. ... (10 replies)

... sinus or allergy symptom. Since you moved, you are exposed to different allergens. However, I do have to say since I first had TMJ, I cannot wear anything on my neck. No necklaces, turtlenecks and even an mp3 wire sometimes will bother me. ... (8 replies)
My journey
Jun 24, 2009
... I didn't include my beginnings, so thank you for that. ... (8 replies)
... I know we have all discussed the "lump" in the throat feeling, but lately I've had the tight muscle feeling in my throat and neck. I haven't been to PT in about 2 weeks because of my schedule but start again tomorrow. ... (3 replies)
... my wooziness and off balance feeling. In fact, during yoga class I find myself falling over. ... (10 replies)
... Despite a long series of physiotherapists, the last being a young fresh graduate who was practically useless and only contributed to an increase in my neck stiffness and headaches, I have not been able to shake off the pressure in my head and the stiffness in my neck and shoulders. ... (10 replies)
... anything there to touch, and over time they would grow very long. Well, at the time they were not bothering me so I opted to leave them alone. Through the years my bottom wisdoms have done exactly what she said they would do... ... (3 replies)
... In December 2007, I had a bad flu, and quickly started to have other problems. They found a disk herniation in my neck which I'm being treated for. However, my symptoms don't completely correlate to a disk herniation. ... (4 replies)
Tmj symptom
Jul 23, 2003
... hello, i was just wondering if anyone has had this symptom. when my jaw is very tight it seems like i have trouble saying some words. not really slurring but trouble articulating some words. my jaw also pops when i open it and both sides ache. ... (6 replies)
... i totally know what you mean about wearing a turtleneck..i could not put anything on my neck right now. ... (8 replies)
... I'm really scared it's a vein thing, mostly because, like I've mentioned before, the muscle that goes from the side of my neck to my collarbone is larger on that side, and the vein feels larger. ... (11 replies)
... Hello, I am wondering if anyone can relate to my symptoms? ... (4 replies)
... Hello, could someone please tell me if they ever get a tightening feeling in there throat. My neck muscles feel so tight. and I need advice on this!!! ... (4 replies)
Feeling in throat
Jun 22, 2005
... hiii im so glad to have found you too yes to all the questions, i call the saliva in the back of my throat';;'gluggy feeling, and my throat burns and stings real bad, i dont know how it all started it seem to slowly progress but i know that i have had all these tests and the only answer has been tight muscles in neck and shoulders and tmj i get really scared because i think... (18 replies)
... Back in April I started having a tingly sensation in my left upper shoulder and then would have a dull ache on the left side of my neck as well. I started noticing that when I would tilt my head to the right, the left side of my neck felt so tight. ... (7 replies)
... Here is more of my scenerio. ... (19 replies)
... I have been in PT with a muscle specialist for 6 weeks due to ridiculously tight neck and shoulder muscles. At one point it felt like a blow torch going up and down my neck and spine. ... (1 replies)
... I figured something was in there or that I had eustachian tube blockage. I would always stretch my jaw to try and "pop" my ear to get relief. Sometimes it would help. ... (6 replies)

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