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... I'm not from the US (there is no company selling it here, but it can be imported it by an international pharmacy), so I don't know what is the maximum dose for flexeril - it should be stated on the package insert. Why do you take the flexeril before falling asleep? You need it during the day! I'd been taking tolperison in the past and I started with the maximum dose as... (19 replies)
... I take Zyrtec D during the day. Lately my left ear has gotten worse. And now I am feeling pain in my jaw area around the ear and when I open my mouth it's tight on that side. My dentist told me it's probably a TMJ issue due to me wearing an OTC mouth guard. I have worn one of these for 3 years and never had a problem. ... (6 replies)
... the pop and consequently my entire skull and muscular system had basically grown around it, when it went away it was permanently throwing my jaw a wrench. He said I may have to be on muscle relaxants and other preventative measures for the rest of my life. ... (7 replies)

TL- how are you
May 29, 2008
... st in Howell now, the one I use to see. I did get worst the first time with him but I think it was the other osteopaths fault and she kept telling him to move my jaw forward. Now I have the other osteopath in the drivers seat. This dentist pretty much follows what the osteo's tell him. ... (76 replies)
... Like you, my pain doesn't get worse when chewing. Although I do find it hard to eat sometimes because my jaw usually feels very weak and tired. I have very bad pain nearly all the time in my lower left jaw, a big pressure feeling. My neck can also feel very tight. ... (9 replies)
GrindAlert Update
Apr 18, 2005
... So far, it's pretty good, but not the panacea I had hoped for. It does help with the grinding, and I can definitely tell that I don't wake up with sore, tired jaws. ... (6 replies)
Bad feeling
Jun 5, 2004
... I'm still in my soft lower jaw splint that I don't eat in, trying to relax the muscles to get ready for the hard acrylic splint that I will wear for everything, eating, sleeping, etc. ... (5 replies)
My Diaganosis
Jul 5, 2003
... he screen and open and close my mouth and bang my teeth together so it'll make a louder noise, and therefore they can see on the results which are noises from my jaw and which are noises from my teeth. The results for that test, showed that they picked up on NO clicking. ... (10 replies)
... as I am sick and tired of being in debt. ... (3 replies)
... MRI come out normal like blueeyes, then it is just my muscles that are causing all this pain, I cant bear the pain, it feels like the muscles are so stiff and so tight and wrapped in a tight ball, my limited open has gotten worse,and so have the headaches, I tired actpunture and that almost killed me! ... (10 replies)
... I've never had any clicking or locking. Just very tender joints and my face often feels tight but it's now progressed to daily headaches so bad I want to just throw up all the time. ... (5 replies)
... Hey lindy23 yeah my ears fluctuate in pain , its usually sharp and out of now where but most of the time its accompanied by jaw pain , no it doesn't feel bruised however it just feels like my jaws have run a marathon and are real tired if that makes sense! ... (41 replies)
... the splints haven't been painful other than making the muscles of my jaw and face tired at the end of the day, and knotting up a bit the first couple of days. That has abated now that I'm more used to the splint in the daytime. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, glad to hear you're doing better, that's always great. I was good for all my years and this hit me suddenly too but all because of a dentist. Why did your tmjd start? I'm scared of splint therapy but who knows I may try one day...just so many negative reviews. My ears and temple hurt so bad at times now but I don't want to go off of desperation so I'm at a standstill... (12 replies)
... better with the orthotic though. I started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago and it has helped my muscles. My orthodontist and oral surgeon think my lower jaw is tense and they recommended physical therapy to loosen up my muscles. ... (12 replies)
... Yeah, that sounds good. I put a pillow on my chair awhile back to help with my back since I used to have severe back aches in my back that I think were related to depression. But I suppose it helps me a bit to have the right posture. And I'm noticing that I tend to not have the correct tongue position for when I have my mouth closed while I'm at work. I just find myself... (18 replies)
... Fast forward to today four months later I sill have the fullness in my right ear, my right upper neck still gets tight and full of mini trigger points. ... (7 replies)
... Hello, I really need some help here. I'm feeling strange lately and am trying to reassure that I don't have anything serious. I know I have TMJ. I just want to know if anybody else is having these symptoms: -Hearing in left ear worsened (feeling "clogged") -Morning Nausea -Blind spot in left eye (appeared from nowhere just a few days ago, went into eye doc and he said... (0 replies)
... cal access number and see if they can tell me anything. I'm just sick and tired of the way I feel everyday, It used to be just one side, then it went to the other side, now it's both, one way worse than the other. ... (5 replies)
... In the mean time I started to get really tired and had a really hard time sleeping. ... (4 replies)

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