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... Hi! I had Ms for 13 years and TMJ for 3 months. I would have facial numbness and ear problems and fogging head and occassionally problems with talking with the MS. ... (7 replies)
... mic many disorders. I guess I was lucky with the ms diagnosis. I had problems walking and writing. My speech at some times would be slurred and I'd have numbness in the face, and my Mri and spinal tap were positive for ms. This is throughtout the years. ... (7 replies)
... I have experience that getting fit has entirely removed the tingling in sensation in my hands and feet( my results after 1 and half years +). No so much for my jaw though. (2 replies)

... Sometimes I get tingling in my jaw, shoulders and hands. Anyone experience that? ... (2 replies)
... you sound like me. My symptoms were exactly the same and lasted 6years, until i found a doctor who recognized my symptoms as a vitamin defencency. I was not able anymore to absorb vitamin B12 through my stomach lining. YOu need a blood test from your doctor to confirm this. YOUr nervous system needs B12 to function properly. Without it, it acts up. I started on B12 shots... (2 replies)
... I have started to experience the oddest sense of full ears, pressure,in neck and lower head, numbness and tingling in head and face for four weeks Am being diagnose with vertigo now, but I never get spinny dizzy, just odd aura, plugged ear feeling, cold fingers I do clench teeth at night, do not wear by mouth guard and suspect it could be TMJ Please comment (2 replies)
... First some history on me. I was diagnosed with TMJ in 1986. ... (15 replies)
... yrs ago with tingling on the top of my head. It was very subtle at first. Then it started to get worse. I was very worried and went to the dr. He had me take an mri of the brain. ... (14 replies)
... Thanks for all your help MountainReader. I'm very wary about tmj specialists after reading through this forum. I'm going to be very cautious as per your advice. ... (14 replies)
... I always grouped the tingling in with that... ... (9 replies)
... Thank you for responding I too get the tooth pain on upper right teeth how long does it take for tmj to heal and bad days when I have what I call flair ups. I am getting treatment with pt (3 replies)
... I have found a connection with me anyway. The mandible MOVES so that is what is said to get out of whack for whatever reason, but what IF the problem originates in the TEMPORAL BONE, the bone that IS connected to the SKULL, is this the cause for the neurological symptoms for some with TMJ? ... (6 replies)
... My TMJ started about 1 week after I had one Wisdom tooth extracted. I persoanlly believe that this was the catalist that flared my TMJ up. ... (7 replies)
... I am nearly convinced the tingling is somehow muscular but haven't pieced it all together yet. Looking at anatomy pictures of the skull it is definately tingling in the temporalis muscle. Tonight the tingling is bad... it is banding from behind my ear through my temple right into my eye. ... (15 replies)
... cranial nerves and irritate them. I have a lot of tingling in various areas of my head... temples, top of head, back of head, etc. ... (3 replies)
... but then I started getting tingling in my right arm and leg and my neck was really hurting. My arm and leg aren't tingling now but feel rather heavy. Is this usual with tmj? ... (7 replies)
Numbess and TMJ
Sep 10, 2014
... I am so glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat better. I have just a touch of tingling in my face today. When my numbness began my jaw would not open very wide for about a week. ... (11 replies)
... Then he checked my max opening which was 39 mm which is aparently normal, but at the low end of that. He felt around my tmjs and put his pinky fingers slightly in my ears and had me open and close and I discovered that I have clicking which was horrifying. ... (15 replies)
... Let me give a brief history of me.. I've had clicking in my jaw forever, but only a couple yrs back told that it was TMJ. I don't have any severe pain so I never gave it too much thought. ... (2 replies)
... Tingling is very common for me. Though I do not know if it's normal with TMJ. Anyway, I have TMJD and tingling in my left cheek:) (3 replies)

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