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... Burning, radiating pain began to creep up my cheek, face, eye and ear. From simple internet searches, I thought this had to be TMD. The dentist prescribed muscle relaxers.... ... (1 replies)
... They look like little amoebas you view under the microscope! Anyhow, they seem to be worse when I have TMD related pain. I personally believe that it is related to the pressure and inflamation caused on the eye from the jaw. ... (14 replies)
... eral different doctors with no diagnosis. first I had sinus issues the ENT ruled that out for my facial pain,. then I had dry eyes ok ruled that out. then it was TMD so I paid 550 out of pocket to have a mouth guard made for my clenching and grinding. ... (0 replies)

... de spinning in your affected eye. It will make you think you are going blind, but you are not. It is good to have any trouble with your vision checked out by a eye doctor though. I have recently discovered that many people with TMD disorder also suffer from optical migranes. Has anyone else been affected by them? ... (14 replies)
... TMJ and was told that this could be a possible problem. Also lately, I've been having pain my lower jaw on the left side. About 15 years ago, I had my eye and stomach teeth removed, and because of that, the dentist never recommended that I have my wisdom teeth removed. ... (0 replies)
... ich we later discovered by a different professional is the cause of my TMJ. So do to the so called therapy I had enamel removed off of some teeth and I have one eye tooth longer than the other and this makes no sense why. ... (1 replies)
... Back in June this year I started writing about my experience with a dentist and was asking for advice with a crown/bridge dental treatment. My suspicious of an ill-fitting crown/bridge were confirmed about a month ago (August) when the crown was removed. Only a day after it was removed, I started having all the symptoms associated to TMD. Toothache, sore jaw, jaw joint,... (0 replies)
... with everything tied in together..would that make sense that eye pain is real bad upon wakening in the morning? ... (12 replies)
... I don't have any pain behind my eye. I do however get a mild pressure feeling behind my eye and it is always the right side. Which to me feels like glasses are to strong and eye is straining to much. When you say pulsating do you mean pulsating pain? ... (14 replies)
... My ears were ringing - did someone mention my name? or is that just from the tmj? LOL:wave: If the discussion is concerning the question if tmj can affect the eyes or vision the answer is yes it can but its not a direct relationship which is why some drs are not familiar with it. In addition to the obvious or more common tmj symptoms, as the dysfunction continues to... (12 replies)
... Apart from the pain/soreness in my face and the clicking, my neck and shoulders are really stiff. So I've been doing neck rolls and other exercises to try to loosen up and every time I get a) good short term relief and b) flickering around my left eye. Left eye is where the major pain/discomfort is located. Can anybody enlighten me as to what's going on or has had similar... (13 replies)
... i keep having the pain behind the eye :(. The pressure, its only behind my left eye! (14 replies)
... f tmjd started about the same time as these strange headaches I am going to a new TMJ specialist next Wed. I am going to mention it to him. Do you get any other eye symptoms? ... (14 replies)
May 5, 2016
... I was diagnosed with TMJ July 2015. I have a stretched ligament on my right side and my disc is displaced when I close my jaw. It recaptures when I open my jaw. I'm currently wearing a splint (6 mos to a year), and then I will need to wear braces to correct my misaligned bite. I went to 2 different TMJ dentists and 2 oral surgeons before I chose the dentist that I have. I... (30 replies)
... I haven't had any experience with neuromuscular dentistry as the poster aaid -ask losts of questions. What kind of diagnostic tests have you had - xrays? MRI? CT Scan Longtime in front of a computer also excerbates my TMJ symptoms. Try to take frequent short breaks when you're working - doesn't have to be long - just get up and stand even - or just shake things... (19 replies)
... hI TEMARA nice to meet you too i have had the usual tinnitus, ear pain "eye graines", sinus problems mucucu congestions but the mains pain is now chronic masseter spasms - i never was a grinder, but my teeth became worn for some reason even after being in a splint for years i think clenching etc aggrivates TMJ - it does not cause it necessarily. same with stress. (13 replies)
... I don't know about the eye, but I do have terrible soreness/stiffness in my neck and shoulders too. The problem started around the same time as my TMJ and when my jaw and headaches get worse my neck and back get worse too and vice versa. I think it is all to do with the TMJ making you hold the other muscles in your face and neck funny, as a way of compensating for the TMJ... (13 replies)
... xiety medication to no avail. I have seen chiropractors and even tried cranial sacral therapy, but they only help temporarily. My dentist has put veneers on my eye teeth to help correct my bite so as to help prevent the clenching, but that was just an expensive experiment that didn't work either. ... (27 replies)
... I had trouble seeing, light really bothered me. I went to chiropractors and eye doctors and oral surgeon after oral surgeon. When finally I got diagnosed TMJ. But there was no treatment just wear these splints and you will be fine.... ... (14 replies)
Is this TMJ?
Dec 8, 2010
... re really trying to ask is if your symptoms are TMD related, so if they are symptoms which others with TMD are also experiencing. ... (7 replies)

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