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... I've had issues for a few years now with grinding and clenching at night. My boyfriend was the first to realize I was doing it since the sounds woke him up. ... (13 replies)
... Those symptoms are pretty common with tmj but its generally best to rule out other medical possibilites by seeing your MD for a check up. ... (5 replies)
Tmj and oral sex
Sep 13, 2004
... This is a problem that really lets ya know that this dern tmj is infecting my life!! While "performing" let's say, my jaw locks too, most often in the open position, which of course makes my ears hurt and my jaw ache. ... (7 replies)

Crying and TMJ
May 14, 2001
... smart, tall and possesing a voice like melted butter. The bitter truth is that she is simply not interested in me romantically, and I have found this fact to be profoundly distressing. ... (2 replies)
... My throat and tongue feel swollen and weak. Can this be caused by TMJ? ... (3 replies)
... i would call your Doctor ASAP some simple blood work could really put your mind at ease it really sounds to me like an infection and the smallest infection can make your TMJ worse i know if i even get a cold it really bothers my TMJ Hope you feel better soon Take care Buff (3 replies)
... A couple of years or so ago my reg. dr. told me I had TMJ, I'd had some aching near my right ear but it wasn't to bad so I didn't do anything, I usually look things up and hit the healthsboards right after I get told I have something. ... (4 replies)
... I think it has to do with my mouth guard though. I use the ones over the counter. I have made new ones over the past years and whenever I don't make it right I notice that achiness and it's always around the same the same teeth. ... (6 replies)
... I do have a runs about 99 degrees or so quite often. It is just so confusing wondering if it is the TMJ or Something more serious. ... (3 replies)
... I just wanted to let you know people do read posts I cannot relate to that except the extreme fatigue in jaw I have never had throat or tongue problems but others may have. Do you have a fever ect... ... (3 replies)
... HI! I'm Brigetta, and I just found this board. I've been dealing with the effects of TMJ for a relatively short period of time. I'm very curious as to the experiences of others, both in terms of symptoms and in terms of treatment. ... (12 replies)
... I think I probably aggravated my condition the last couple of days. I keep checking to see if I'm clicking and doing too many exercises. Suddenly my ears started to get slightly painful and I felt a sudden headache. So, I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted. ... (16 replies)
... as the light headedness. When this comes on really bad I just can't concentrate on anything. Trying to read something becomes twice as hard, I have to really try and concentrate and i just end up frustrated. Although it seems like I have the light headedness constantly now. It just varies in severity. ... (5 replies)
Range of Motion
Dec 10, 2003
... You and I started with the night guard and everythign else about the same time. No one mentioned my disc being displaced then either. ... (6 replies)
Range of Motion
Dec 10, 2003
... so I did, and hte new surgeon looked at my tomos and told me my right disc is displaced. ... (6 replies)
Uk sufferers
Dec 29, 2005
... banannas etc. If i have something like meat i cut it up small. I am finding that my jaw is hurting more now that i go to see my dad each day. I also have stress and im on Diazapam, but i have to nearly shout for my dad to hear me and it always ends up with my jaw aching and it never feels comfortable. ... (16 replies)

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