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... I am 20 years old and I live for music, music is all I have and it's all that I'll ever want to do. That said, around 8 months ago, i had braces put in to straighten my teeth. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, you can definitely get TMJ from an accident.I post on another board besides this one and this exact topic is being discussed on that board too. Your orthodontists is correct, braces will not correct your TMJ but may in fact cause it to become worse. ... (12 replies)
... Do you have pain in the jaw area, the joint or the surrounding muscles in addition to your neck, throat and shoulder pain? ... (4 replies)

... I've never been told in the past that I have TMJ nor have I had any problems. I do know my bite is really off and out of alignment. Recently I went to a new dentist who performed a very thorough TMJ test on me. The dentist shoved his gloved pinkies deep into my ears. ... (10 replies)
Nov 14, 2010
... Well it is possible for wisdom teeth even those not erupted to cause problems or tmj symptoms - its one of the reasons some dentists urge their patients to have them removed. But as some members here will attest to - their tmj symptoms may have started with the removal of wisdom teeth - so its like a double edged sword. The fact that your symptoms slightly responded to the... (1 replies)
... Wow. Yeah the taffy and carmel can get anyone. I have warned my nieces they better watch what they eat now so they do not end up with all my problems. ... (19 replies)
... After two months of great improvement, some of my TMJ symptoms have returned. I have only one wisdom tooth left. I had the other three extracted over the years. My dentist seems to think I should remove it as that could be the cause of some of my problems. ... (2 replies)
... its a really tough delima to face through no fault of your own. I did something similar and always question would I have tmj now if I did not do a,b,c,etc. ... (2 replies)
... Just a question...have you got any wisdom teeth remaining in your mouth? ... (6 replies)
... I know I don't grind my teeth, I asked them to check for me and they're sure that I don't. ... (2 replies)
... I am in a similar position to you. I have been diagnosed with TMJ and recommended by a TMJ specialist to get my wisdoms out. He recommended that to me in January. ... (5 replies)
... me, but I would be more worried about someone taking your wisdom teeth out, and shaving down teeth before you really get a good picture of where your lower mandible's position should be. THat is always the last resort and the end usually of treatment. ... (13 replies)
TMJ Tinnitus?
Apr 9, 2009
... hours. And then one day it just came and never went away. I assumed it was from listening to loud music with headphones and never, ever wearing hearing protection when doing things like operating power equipment. ... (7 replies)
... As expected he primarily focused on my teeth. My wisdom teeth are impacted and pushing against my molars on my lower jaw. He said I should have a consultation with a surgeon to remove them. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I can relate to you. However my story is a little different. I have always grind my teeth at night and it didn't get worse until after I had my child. ... (7 replies)
... There is still just a little "nagging" at me that this thing coincided so much with my wisdom teeth extraction. It's uncanny. Maybe I just have to accept that it was purely coincidence. ... (5 replies)
... New to any type of chat room and to tmj. ... (1 replies)
... Which wisdom tooth are you talking about erupting? ... (26 replies)
... Almost a month ago from now, I noticed myself clenching at night. I would consciously place my tongue in between my mouth, and would wake up from biting down on it. And the since then, it all went a little like this... ... (9 replies)
Help with TMJ
Feb 3, 2009
... he in fact took all my temps and splints away and told me to only see the cranial chiro for a few months and that he would keep track of my progress by calling him. After about 4 months he called me to go in and be examined and said lets give it a few more months. ... (12 replies)

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