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... Back in 1999, I had my wisdom teeth out. I was sedated so not sure how rough they were on my mouth at all. ... (2 replies)
... have been suffering from what has now been diagnosed as anxiety. It seems to me that reading some of the other posts that I may be suffering from a mild case of TMJ which may be from the stress and anxiety I have. ... (0 replies)
... I'm in BC Canada. The one and only doctor who deals with TMJ is the one who pulled my wisdom teeth and the one who did my surgury. I will NOT go back to him again. ... (2 replies)

... I feel for you and know your frustration. I had my wisdom teeth out 14 years ago and I am still trying to recover. My opinion of oral surgeons and dentists has plummeted! ... (2 replies)
... finishing up school and exams and stress definitely makes my TMJ worse and so does lack of sleep. ... (3 replies)
... I've posted around on a few sites because I'm not getting any relief at all. My dentist isn't open until Tuesday, and it's driving me insane. ... (3 replies)
... Hi NJ! The best info I have been able to find is that wisdom teeth have nothing to do with TMJ. If you are seeing a dentist who suggests removing them to treat your TMJ, run, don't walk to some other specialist! ... (3 replies)
... Hi NJKitty...Al is right that removing wisdom teeth is no treatment for tmd. But... I have heard of many people with mild TMD who have been made much worse with oral surgery or violent dental work. ... (3 replies)
... Hang in there! A splint will even out your bite and give everything a chance to normalize. At least in the splint, I no longer feel like my bite is off all the time. ... (7 replies)
... Do you think that this could be causing my TMJ pain on the left side of my mouth ? ... (3 replies)
... JameseyCake, i hope you are still out there somewhere and get this message. How did the doctor in FT Worth work out for you. I've been researching him and his methods and have been debating on setting up an appointment with him for quite some time. ... (16 replies)
... I'm suffering from shoulder, neck, jaw and eye pain for years now. Back in 1994, i had my 4 wisdom teeth removed. It was very laborious. I had to take 3 appointments to remove them, one single teeth took more than 2 hours. ... (1 replies)
... Did they dislocate your jaw when they removed your wisdom teeth? ... (3 replies)
... My little nephew is 14 and the dentist told him his teeth were too short and they wanted to veneer all his front teeth. Could you imagine the maintenance for his whole life. ... (7 replies)
... e it. I have popping sounds when I open my jaw, pain in the jaw, headaches, neck aches, balance problems, etc. My dentist recently told me that I need to have my wisdom teeth removed because it is very difficult to floss and clean inbetween the wisdom teeth and the molars beside them and that infections could develop easily. ... (5 replies)
... a couple months ago I posted an inquiry to this board about whether anyone had been advised to have their wisdom teeth removed as a TREATMENT for their TMJ. ... (11 replies)
... AHH angela, sorry to hear that... and I have seen that before, where getting wisdoms out have been the start of TMJ. ... (15 replies)
TMJ/Wisdom teeth
Feb 24, 2002
... a severe crossbite. I can't even begin to tell you how many mouth pieces I wore, along with having my jaws wired shut and braces put on my teeth. Fortunately I had a brilliant team of doctors who did their all to ensure that I wouldn't require surgery later on in life. ... (1 replies)
... From my experience I believe that wisdom teeth extraction can cause tmj. ... (15 replies)
... I am in a similar position with my wisdom teeth and tmj. I feel like my wisdom teeth have caused mt tmj. I managed to get them shaved down a bit at the back and that helped my symptoms. ... (15 replies)

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