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... I had bilateral tmj arthroscopy surgery in 1995. In conjunction with the surgery wore a Herbst appliance, physical therapy, orthodontics, etc. ... (26 replies)
... if it is infrequent and you are not in unbearable pain, i would recommend you look into splint therapy. ... (26 replies)
... you would be making a wise decision. please look into splint therapy. you also stated you have a "time limit. ... (26 replies)

... mm up until Sep 2010 with no pain. I never had any TMJ issues prior to this. My MRI has shown bilateral disc displacement WITHOUT reduction. ... (7 replies)
... i am 9 mos. post op. from a bilateral arthroscopy. i have been in physical therapy for these 9 months too. i do not consider my operation a success. ... (17 replies)
TMJ treatment
Apr 26, 2005
... I have had 12 TMJ procedures. My first one was an arthroscopy when I was 13, and the last was the surgery your doctor is wanting to do.. ... (16 replies)
... as the repositioning of the teeth can force the jaw into an unnatural position, and force the discs within the TMJ out of position. ... (75 replies)
... and pain upon eating hard or chewy foods. I have been on splint therapy for a few months and have made very limited progress. ... (2 replies)
... how your joint looks. you say you have been on splint therapy for over 6 months. did you try other types of splints? ... (17 replies)
... Noone I know has any idea about TMJ and everyone acts like a lock jaw is really weird, noone understands the problems of TMJ. ... (12 replies)
... that I found slipped and slid all night and a bottom splint that is acrylic and I wear all day. ... (75 replies)
... Hi I've been diagnosed with tmj capsulitis. I've had chronic tmj for the past 5 years. ... (2 replies)
... This is a copy of the surgery consent form. This was originally posted by Cymy Sue: The proposed surgery has been outlined for me in laymen's terms and possible complications and side effects have been discussed including ( but not limited to ): ___A.Objectionable scarring of the incision line, possibly requiring later revision. ___B.Postoperative swelling,... (5 replies)
... n MRI because he says it won't show him anything he can't already tell from examination. He seems really keen on doing the procedure and says it will help. I did splint therapy for over 6 months and had my wisdom teeth removed to no avail. ... (17 replies)
... I have tried multiple splint therapy believe me. ... (17 replies)
... i just wasn't able to keep the disc there. they were confident with the proper splint therapy, i would be able to capture the disc which would reduce all the pain i was in from popping my jaw joint all day long. ... (17 replies)
To autumn83175
Apr 16, 2003
... At that time, he ordered a MRI of the TMJ Joints. The MRI came back two weeks later. The local hospital had to send it to the University of Pennsylvania because they hadn't seen such a case. ... (5 replies)
... I have had loud popping of my right TMJ during opening, at about 25mm. ... (13 replies)
... often TMJ is accompanied by deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Muscular tension can be caused by such deficiencies as magnesium. ... (2 replies)
... right medication to relieve the pain. However, after he viewed the MRI disk that I brought him he automatically changed his mind. He is wanting me to go in for arthroscopy procedure done on both joints. ... (4 replies)

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