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Tmj books?
Sep 21, 2001
... Anyone out there recommend any good books on TMJ? ... (1 replies)
... I am new to this whole TMJ thing too. ... (3 replies)
Tmj books?
Oct 22, 2001
... Let me tell ya.....I spent all day in a public library and found little if nothing on TMJD.They even had an up to date computer system that is word sensitive.All it directed me to was Womens Health books. I have spent countless hours on the net reading about this devil within my face, I found more on the web with all the Dentist and Oral Surgeon sites.They are very... (1 replies)

TMJ face change
Feb 28, 2010
... thanks for your advice! I think here and there I have seen TMJ books that were advertised online, but I was always in doubt of the book because I think it's just masking the problem.. ... (97 replies)
... years ago and even today TMJ is mistreated leaving people WORSE. ... (0 replies)
... in some cases tmj can be caused by posture.Evidently not trauma impacts or dental issues but in my case I'm making an educated guess it is postural. ... (4 replies)
... invest a little bit of money buying Dr. T Spahl's books. Read volume III. It could pay dividends in terms of your knowledge of tmj. You will know what causes tmj and how to fix it. I DON'T suggest gooing to see him because he isn't as honest as people say he is. But i DO suggest reading his books. ... (7 replies)
... I don't know, again, if it's illegal, but the national TMJ association pres and vice pres wrote books about their horrendous surgery experiences and so forth, and again, there are other books written out there that recount other terrible experiences. ... (6 replies)
Symptom Relief?
Sep 12, 2001
... I have TMJ as a result of clenching my teeth and tightening my jaw muscles. ... (1 replies)
... rrible migraines, neck pain, jaw pain, ear pain, back pain, head pain, sometimes when it flares i cannot hear out of my ear on my right side which is the side my TMJ is on, one day i actually went blind, for 24 hours.... ... (5 replies)
... I have done quite a bit of research on TMJ, mainly through lurking at the boards here for so long, which has taught me so much, and I also have two TMJ books although I have only read one of them. I bought those when I was going through a particularly bad bout of TMJ and was feeling very sorry for myself. ... (10 replies)
... ALSO, I forgot to address your pain med issue, sorry. I had a migraine for 6 weeks straight before I got my splint. I was taking like 6 to 8 Motrin a day and still the pain continued. There is not a lot you can do for it. I know it isnt good news for you, just the quicker you get a splint the better. I would even make your dentist have it fed-exed to you, thats how I did mine.... (7 replies)
... So, you absolutely must be in charge of your own treatment and ask lots of questions, read, read, read and then read some more on tmj. I checked out all kinds of books on it, read about it here on the internet..knowledge is power and believe me you will need it with TMJ issues. ... (7 replies)
... All I can say is I've had a bout of tmj since march. ... (5 replies)
... or conditions and subsequently affecting the central nervous system and brain. So while some people with tmj only have jaw and face pain or headaches, for others, the pain radiates to other parts of the body and they develop symptoms not commonly associated with tmj. ... (9 replies)
... s slow healing, I continued with blind faith. In my prayers, that quiet voice kept telling me to continue. I continued with this herbal therapy, reading health books for years, learning many new things. ... (7 replies)
... Antidepressants are not FDA approved to treat TMJ . There is no proof they help TMJ especially long term but there is proof that they cause TMJ and other forms of dystonia and tardive dyskinesia. ... (20 replies)
... You can find limited previews of those books online. ... (0 replies)
... It is now well known that TMJ can cause ringing in the ears. I have also read that TMJ can also cause hearing loss. But I cannot find information on why that happens. Does anybody have hearing loss associated with TMJ? ... (1 replies)
... I find that there are also a lot of books talking about these subjects, even if it's a bit confusing to be in front of so much information and to make the connection with ones personal case. ... (5 replies)

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