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... First some history on me. I was diagnosed with TMJ in 1986. ... (15 replies)
... I have been having problems with my neck, shoulder, ear pain, and now lower teeth pain. I get a pressure type feeling in my jaw, and then it will feel like bugs crawling across my face. ... (11 replies)
... yet elsewhere, primarily my face, chest and sometimes my legs it feels tingly or like bugs are crawling on my skin. Every once in a while I will get little muscle twitches or tics around the mouth or eyes and my calve muscles as well. ... (4 replies)

... I was diagnosed with TMJ about four years ago. ... (4 replies)
... will touch my back. When I get the crawling sensation, I simply pull my shirt away from my skin and boom, it stops. People think I'm crazy too. When I say this to them they just look and say WOW!!! Yeah, WOW, its no picnic. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, I do have the numbness and tingling too from tmj and the resulting body misalignment. ... (4 replies)
... Those of you that know me, know I have been suffering a longtime with tmj and have had to fight some battles, and cant get proper treatment. ... (20 replies)
... For the past 2 weeks, my cheeks have had a "crawling/warm" sensation. Not numb or tingling....just a strange fuzzy feeling. Very hard to describe. My ears have been popping/feel stuffy off and on throughout the day. Below both ears, side of my jaw, feels hot and swollen. My right side is worst than my left today. I have been using a night gaurd for the past 2 months and... (2 replies)
... I would check other forums on the HBs and on the web about possibly trying nerve regeneration therapy such as electric pulse stimulation or ultra sound or lazer light, etc - if a facial nerve is involved it is possible it could heal on its own unless it was severed of course. I had a genioplasty some years back which left my lower lip and surrounding area quite numb and... (4 replies)
... That's interesting about thinking you had a vitamin deficiency. When my TMJ was starting to get bad in my early 20's, I had all this extra anxiety and energy and no explanation for it. ... (4 replies)
... ot baths and warm weather make me feel good, and I don't have any fatique, I suffer from insomnia though, probably because of worrying about these feelings. Can TMJ cause these feelings elsewhere in the body, or could I just be suffering from health anxiety? ... (12 replies)
... I get a similar sensation - though not the same. I don't get the tingling. Rather, I get these twitches/spasms in the same area. Usually in the temple area or back towards the above-my-ear area. They are painless, but kind of weird. Almost feels like a "boiling" sensation. Though that skin-crawling description is good too. Had this for about 3 years now. (15 replies)
... I have the tingling, skin crawling, electric shocks also but have noticed when I feel it very shortly afterwards I swell. Sometimes not very much but enough that I can see it. ... (15 replies)
... I walked to local doctor office right outside our neighborhood. She diagnosed me with tmj after telling her all of this and symptoms. Since that, all the symptoms of tmj occur and the others I listed vanished. ... (6 replies)
... thanks for the reply, Thelma-Louise. it always makes me feel better to know i share common symptoms and that i'm not crazy! right now i'm having so much anxiety that a lot of these symptoms can come from that too. i'll be glad when my MRI results are in next tuesday. thanks (4 replies)
TL- how are you
Jun 25, 2008
... so since my tmj dr is a holistic dr, why would he not think its a good idea? ... (76 replies)
... I have been getting them for 6 years now, they feel like a tickle or even bugs crawling under your skin. I heard some people get these feelings that have TMJ issues. Please let me know, starting to get scared, and most of all, they are annoying!!! ... (15 replies)

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