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... on 2 teeth fillings and a crown all on one side of my mouth. They were 8 year old fillings and didn't need adjustment. ... (8 replies)
... Only to hurry up, relieve my pain and get me out of there. It is obvious that my TMJ problems are due to the filling adjustment. The left side of my mouth now sits lower than the right, causing a teeter totter affect. ... (7 replies)
... My gosh you are like the 5th person this week I've heard say a crown either started their tmjd, or worsened it. Do some dentists really know what the heck they are doing? ... (31 replies)

... Then no it isn't worth the price. It is worth it if I can get the crown done right and fix the fillings once we get an idea of where my teeth placement should be. ... (7 replies)
... and the upper canines were crowned. The rest of my teeth were natural. The tmj started about 3 years after the replacement of the bridges. ... (10 replies)
... ticably higher than my crown...I run my finger from front to back and all of a sudden the last tooth is much higer. I've thought about this as well. But if the crown needs to be raised than it would seem that it would be higher than my 3rd to last tooth? ... (18 replies)
... That gives me more to think on because I obviously have been hesitant about the occlusion, I had an appointment and re-scheduled for September 12th so I could get more opinions (I will have seen the other 3 by then) but I did re-schedule it because he is so hard to get into and I didn't want to have to wait if I flared up again or didn't like what I hear from the others I am... (10 replies)
... hy on the left side. My ear feels clogged alot on the left side and sometimes burns inside. My ENT looked at it and said it was clear. I have never thought of TMJ as being a culprit for these symptoms but I found a website last night that stated these as symptoms for TMJ. ... (5 replies)
... ything new....I truly believe mine started when I had an emergency root canal was done in one day mouth was open for over an hour and I believe the crown just wasn't fit right. I had unbelievable pressure in my forehead mostly after that for months and didn't know why was so odd. ... (10 replies)
Dental Work & TMJ
Jan 19, 2005
... got a second opinion from a great dentist who said I did not need all that work done and he even suggested I see the professionals at the University of Kentucky TMJ Clinic. And I am so glad I did. They also told me I did not need all that work done, that I was fine. And I have been fine ever since. ... (2 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... d be caused from your clenching.Clenching can cause all kinds of strange symptoms and problems. Have any of these dentists or specialists you have seen mentioned TMJ or problems that clenching can cause. There are many different types of splints for different problems. I am on my fourth splint right now. ... (5 replies)
... I have been reading your posts to catch up on your story. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I have had tmj for about 10 years, but was in a symptom free time span of 3 years til I had a crown put on my back molar. ... (18 replies)
... I finally have an appointment on the 19th to see a TMJ specialist. Have to pay in full on the first visit. It is so not in my budget, but I'm going to make it work. ... (31 replies)
New tmj consult
Jun 8, 2006
... My dentist thought I needed a crown, after the crown since I was in so much pain they sent me to the endodontist who said I needed a root canal. ... (12 replies)
... ewwwww Hilery, sounds like your tmj has gotten inflammed or perhaps the muscles and tendons are out of whack from such force and tension being placed on them. ... (1 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... Another Michelle? :wave: Sometimes I think just being named Michelle is a risk factor. I don't know about the bleeding, but in my personal experience, clenching did cause my tissue to become irritated in places. Some types of mouth guards give you a surface on which to clench more effectively, and so they can cause problems for people who clench a lot. I use an NTI... (5 replies)
Could this be TMJ
Apr 18, 2004
... The pain is worse around a tooth on lower back of mouth ..that has a crown on it .. , and the pain radiates from there to the entire lower gumline is a constant throbbing ..almost feels like it did .. ... (5 replies)
Feb 7, 2011
... t canal...last week got my temp. crown. 2 days later I started with terrible shooting pains headaches in the back of my head. The dentist had trouble getting the crown the right height. Luckily it is just temporary! I go back in 2 weeks for the permanent one. Any advice? ... (0 replies)
I think I have TMJ
May 24, 2008
... Two weeks prior to this incident I had a root canal done and the crown was a little bit too tall but I couldn't tell at the time because I was super numbed up. ... (1 replies)
... hours. Then a week later I got the permanent crown, mouth open another 1 hour. I'm pretty sure this hyperextended my jaw muscles and made my TMJ worse. I did tell him beforehand that I had TMJ, all he did was give me muscle relaxer to take before and after. ... (10 replies)

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