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... It depends on what type of treatment you are trying to get them to cover and of course the diagnosis code the dr provides. ... (2 replies)
... and insurance companies will do anything in their power to get around paying for TMJ treatment but if your health care provider is good about using an alternate diagnosis code such as MPD often times insurance companies are better about paying for the treatment. ... (6 replies)
... l lawsuits where patients sued their medical insurance carriers on the grounds the dental work was necessary to permanently correct their bites and prevent their tmj symptoms from returning and I believe few did win their case. ... (11 replies)

... they wouldn't cover tmj but did cover diagnosis codes for myofacial, cranio facial or orofacial pain disorders. Splints were covered under the procedure codes for medical supplies or equipment. ... (31 replies)
... Maybe you could get by with an "MPD" diagnosis/code. Myofacial Pain Dysfunction is considered a "medical" disorder, thus your medical should pick up the charges. Cheryl (3 replies)
... will provide you with a Statement of Services Rendered for any consult, exam or treatment you pay for which lists on it the diagnosis code and procedure code required to submit a paper claim to your insurance co. ... (5 replies)
... the drs billing office just needs to figure out the right diagnosis code and procedure code to submit on the claim. ... (5 replies)
... I live in PA. Now, I have TMJ which has been under the category of "surgical" for the past nine yers. ... (11 replies)
Cost of treatment
Jan 25, 2010
... If the tmj specialist is accustomed to dealing with insurance ask his biller to contact your insurance company and Medicare on this - sometimes oral splints or orthotics can be covered under Medical insurance using the procedure code for Medical Equipment if the claims are submitted with a diagnosis code of myofacial pain, orormandibular or cranio-facial pain disorders and... (10 replies)
... rather than TMJ. You might ask your dentist to use this as your diagnosis code rather than TMJ. It might help. ... (4 replies)
... doctor to list your diagnosis code as MPD rather than TMJ your insurance company might pick up some of the bills. It has worked for several others from this list. ... (16 replies)
... they tell you that it is medical, although he doesn't use the actual diagnosis of TMJ. According to the information he had given me it said that TMJ is a generic diagnosis of most jaw problems. I know that all of my treatment, with this doctor, as gone throughn my medical insurance without any problems. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for the advise. The red tape of the legislature takes years and years for adendums and changes in the laws. I just wish they took TMJ seriously, not just a dental problem, because it isnt!! It is a joint like anyother joint in the body. What is the difference? ... (16 replies)
... but generally under a different diagnosis code such as myofacial pain syndrome, orrofacial syndrome, craniaofacial pain syndrome, etc. and the procedure code is usually under Medical Equipement or supplies. ... (4 replies)
... er which shares many of the same symptoms and treatment options is more commonly recognized as a medical issue so ask your drs to submit claims using that as the diagnosis code. ... (2 replies)
... My PT was talking about ETD and TMD so I went Home and started researching. I found out that I have all of the classic symptoms. I also looked up the diagnosis code the dentist gave me and it said arthralgia of the right TMJ and my right ear is the most bothersome. ... (8 replies)
... I agree that surgery should be avoided except in extreme cases. My 16-year-old daughter had very similar sounding symptoms as your son. We are doing the two-phase splint/braces route and have had great success so far. She is finishing up splint therapy - is now symptom free - and will begin Phase II in the next few months. And I agree that it is absolutely criminal that... (6 replies)
... I just had a thought...perhaps if the diagnosis code was given as MPD instead of TMJ maybe your insurance company might be more inclined to pay for your treatment. No assurances of course but worth a try maybe. ... (11 replies)
... doesn't use a diagnosis code of tmj and everything is being covered as medical. ... (6 replies)
... Blue Shield does pay for TMJ but only when the dentist or PT, etc., code it as a medical condition rather than dental. ... (8 replies)

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