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... I had my tmj arthroscopy on thursday and the surgeon was meant to scrape away the scar tissue and adhesions to hopefully reduce my pain and may increase my opening. ... (49 replies)
... (49 replies)
... Removal of the disc is not done anymore. ... (5 replies)

... I had TMJ Arthroplasty on my left TMJ a little over two weeks ago and am concerned that I didn't make the right choice. ... (25 replies)
... I've posted before about my TMJ troubles since the extraction of my four impacted wisdom teeth in January of 2007. ... (0 replies)
Braces for TMJ?
Jul 8, 2012
... I have been going to a TMJ specialist at the Univeristy of TN in Memphis. My TMJ started about 20 yrs ago after I got my first braces off...the popping and clicking. My ortho then sent me right to an oral surgeon who did two surgeries... ... (8 replies)
Discectomy TMJ
Jun 28, 2007
... Hello, I just had a surgery consultation regarding my TMJ issues. I was told that I have cysts in my left TMJ, and degenative bone disease... My surgeon suggested a removal of the TMJ disc. Has anyone had this done? ... (2 replies)
... I would ask your oral surgean what the purpose of doing a second arthrocentisis - why does he expect things to work this time if it didn't help the second? When I had my arthocentisis, my oral surgeon also gave me a shot of cortisone and did help for about a month or so and then gradually wore off. Finding a good oral surgeon is tough. In addition to the MRI I would strongly... (5 replies)
... Hi Michelle, I had my Discectomy 14 months ago and I gained double my opening from pre op 5mm to 10mm post op and which i am still on currently. My disc removal was a result of having an arthroscope which revealed that my disc was damaged beyond repair, so for the quality of my life (I am only 23) I had exhausted every other conservative treatment and went for the... (14 replies)
... well i'm 3 weeks post op from my tmj disc removal, and i am pleased to say that my opening is no longer 5mm but is now 12mm!!! you don't understand how happy i am, well maybe you do. ... (49 replies)
... ist. The oral surgeon we been seeing is the one who did the first arthocentetis and is recommending the second. Again if this doesn't work then he will take the disc out and then take cartiledge from under her belly button to cushion the bone. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Carey - it's Stacey. It's so weird that you mentioned your salivary glands because about fifteen years ago, when the pain began, I was referred to an ENT who actually flushed my salivary glands (by putting this tube through the glands on the inside of my mouth - very painful) - and I ended up with the same pain anyways - so I figured he didn't know what he was doing and... (6 replies)
... Hey there....have you tried consulting with a Neuromuscular dentist who treats tmjd? They will definitely go the conservative route...and may help with the muscular and joint pain. I have been in treatment for about 1 yr. and a half now....and my disks are beyond repair at this point...but I am having good results with my muscular pain and other symptoms. :) (49 replies)
... Dumpysunshine, I have a 20 year old daughter who is suffering with dislocated discs. Have had them tack through arthroscopic surgery with no success. One doctor is now saying open joint surgery and another is saying no way. He wants to go back in authroscopic with the camera see what he can do and do very aggressive pt after surgery, soft diet for 3 months and slint... (49 replies)
... since my tmj disc removal 2 months ago, life has not treated me that good in terms of pain. 2 weeks ago i collapsed from severe pain and was unconscious for one hour!! ... (49 replies)
... f its socket but rather put it back in its correct position for it to correctly heal, likewise its his belief that this is what should happen in case s where the tmj disc is dislocated. ... (9 replies)
... This lack of space can cause a little disc which allows the jaw to perform a smooth movement through opening and closing to become pushed out of it's normal resting place, which is what causes clicking. ... (1 replies)
... There are no simple cures for TMJ, plain and simple. It's been my experience that once a person has TMJ they are never perfect again. ... (4 replies)
No disc, now what?
Dec 29, 2004
... I had my first MRI in 1989 and was told I had bilateral disc displacement and no condular heads. I had several more MRI's at that time due to structural abnormalities of the joint. ... (6 replies)
Causes of TMJD
Mar 22, 2002
... Opening the mouth too wide. All joints have limitations of movements and the TMJ is no exception. ... (3 replies)

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