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... My main concern right now is that the lymph nodes under my jaw going from one side to the other are swollen and sore. ... (4 replies)
... I was clenching like crazy in my sleep. I told my dentist and he sent me to another dentist who specializes in TMJ. ... (8 replies)
TMJ Specialist
Jun 3, 2003
... with swollen lymph node. ... (14 replies)

... You definately need to follow up with a medical professional. ... (2 replies)
... Originally I thought I had an ear infection, but when the antibiotic didn't work and other symptoms started to appear, I was thinking maybe TMJ, hence my trip to the doctor. My ear pain comes and goes with popping and crackling. ... (4 replies)
... know if it's actual TMJ, or just a bad case of bruxism. Either way I'm not taking it lightly. The person that diagnosed me was a doctor fill in. I'm following up with my dentist on the 28th of August. ... (2 replies)
... where are your swollen lymph nodes located? ... (2 replies)
... See a TMJ specialist to rule out TMD. ... (1 replies)
... Those symptoms are pretty common with tmj but its generally best to rule out other medical possibilites by seeing your MD for a check up. ... (5 replies)
... Any suggestions on whether this sounds like TMJ, or any other guidance would be greatly appreciated! ... (1 replies)
... day,the lump feeling was still there, I had tightness in my throat as if something was cutting off my air supply AND my jaw was "shaky" and in pain. It also felt like I couldn't control my tongue at certain times. ... (10 replies)
To the tmj pros
Jun 15, 2004
... Many people with TM joint problems do seem to have swollen or sore lymph nodes. ... (5 replies)
... s always told that it is not a sore throat. i've also had some lab work done and it came back negative for any throat infections. i do not have any cold or flu symptoms just muscle pain. it hurts in the back of my throat every time i yawn or open my mouth, like a stretching pain. ... (1 replies)
... Ok I've had this going on for 6 months and i'm so desperate for answer or atleast someone that has had something similar. I'm just going to list my symptoms in the order they have came about. ... (0 replies)
TMJ and Tinnitus??
May 28, 2005
... reness in the area. In January of 2004 I was rear ended in stop and go traffic on the freeway. As a result of that accident I was having daily headahces and my lymph nodes had become terribly swollen. ... (1 replies)
Odd symptoms?
Apr 21, 2001
... I know alot of nerves pass through your temporo mandibular joint. Has anyone ever had TMJ affect your salivary glands causing dry mouth or has anyone had their lymph nodes feel as if they were swollen. Somedays the nodes on the underneath of my left jaw ache and sometimes the ones under my right do. ... (3 replies)
TMJ Input
Oct 18, 2004
... Y'all. I also have fibromyalgia, and I've been a teeth clincher, for years and years. I didnt really realize it, till I was reading about my fibro and one of the symptoms listed was teeth clinching. I was like WHOA, I do this...all the time, night day, all the time. ... (4 replies)
... shoulder pain...cracking when turn neck...tingling and numbness in face, neck and arm and i'm getting ripping sounds in my ear...really lymph nodes are also ears are full...but it seems to get worse if i have gas or before a bowel movement... ... (1 replies)
... keeps telling me that the stress will be too much. I asked my doctor about this and he said that he loves being a doctor, that it's a wonderful career, you feel like you are making a difference in peoples' lives, and he made a good point that most jobs people have our stressful. ... (28 replies)
Ernest syndrome
Jun 24, 2005
... Anyone here been diagnosed with Ernest syndrome? ... (2 replies)

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