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... hours. Then a week later I got the permanent crown, mouth open another 1 hour. I'm pretty sure this hyperextended my jaw muscles and made my TMJ worse. I did tell him beforehand that I had TMJ, all he did was give me muscle relaxer to take before and after. ... (10 replies)
... hear about your mom. I will help with providing any info I have. I don't know much about the christeean implants, this is a post I did over the holidays, about a TMJ Fossa thing that eventually proved to be bad, check out what the rest had to say in the full post called TMJ Fossa ...... ... (24 replies)
... I havn't posted for a while, but I am at the beginning stages of trying to sue my anaesthetist for all my tmj hell. it began when I had foot surgery four years ago when i was 19. ... (24 replies)

... tell me I should even bring a suit against the group that did my spinal surgery bec. I got TMJ right following that surgery and never had it before. So if that can cause it Im sure you should have a case with dental work. ... (24 replies)
... Please check the language... I think the statute says a year from the time you knew OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN the cause of your injury... It makes the entire situation even more ambiguous! --Kaylbe (24 replies)
... called "propensity" to TMJ without ever actually having any problems. ... (24 replies)
... Hi Carey, I have been calling in the phone book to see if any attorneys would be interested in listening to my case, so far the statue of limatations seems to be working against me, but not totally. In cally you have a year from the time you realized what caused your injury, so its not the tmj and how it happened that is sticky with the attorneys, its when doctors finally... (24 replies)
... I can only imagine how bad it must be with the TMJ surgeries I've read about and they botch people and you try and go back and they can't help you and make you feel crazy. ... (24 replies)
... Yes, you are correct that intubation of the breathing tube prior to surgery can cause one to have TMJ. If they really force you mouth open wider than it needs to be to insert that tube you can result in causing TMJD. I often wonder about that in my case, because an anesthiologist told me he had a very hard time intubating me for my surgery of gallbladder removal. I have... (24 replies)
... so if it doesn't work with one doctor you're most likely going to the next and this continues til you find a good one. But imagine there is a proven way to cure tmj and that works. The dentist can not say he can't cure you because there is a way to do it. ... (5 replies)
... I haven't been able to sleep with the discomfort of the TMJ and all the other things going on in my life. ... (13 replies)
... Sueing Doctors is getting ready to be a huge difficult part of the law. More and more, the price of malpractice incurance is causing Doctors to get out of Doctoring altogether. ... (8 replies)
... Another thread mentioned difficulties with TMJD malpractice suits, and how doctors stick together and avoid testifying against each other. ... (5 replies)

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