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... Tmj never goes away but it can be managed. ... (3 replies)
... I am in Clayton,NC. I suffer with TMJ and am looking for any help that can point me towards a good DR. ... (0 replies)
... fullness in the ear, jaw pain on the right side which almost fells like the bone is sticking out farther on the right side then the left side. Is that a typical tmj symptom? ... (1 replies)

My TMJ Story
May 1, 2007
... It took me a while to ocme ot terms with the fat that there is no easy solution to this condition. I dream of a day when I will be free of bruxism and TMJ problems, but that doesn't look like it will ever happen. I gather from what I've read that basically for most people once you have it, it never goes away. ... (18 replies)
... especially if you have muscular tmj like i do. Yes the advil does help. And my headache is just like yours in that it never goes away, it just gets better or gets worse. ... (12 replies)
TMJ and dizziness?
Jul 18, 2011
... with all other tests coming back negative I am curious. The only difference is I ever had an actual spinning sensation, just an ennoying off balance feeling that never goes away or lets up. I am starting to think I am stuck like this forever. ... (24 replies)
... ng my wisdom teeth out DEFINITELY caused my TMJ, without a doubt. It also damaged my lingual nerve, and now I have tingling down the left side of my tongue which never goes away and can be quite painful. ... (11 replies)
... as I posted in an earlier thread, my TMJ's much better but the crickets are still chirping in m head. Dang, it's maddening at times. NEVER goes I'm trying to keep some noise cancelling goin on to distract me. Main problem is... ... (17 replies)
... discomfort never goes away for me, there are days when it is less. However, when I do things like run or use a hammer, I will get dizziness shortly thereafter. ... (18 replies)
... For me, it basically has been a condition that never goes away. However, I did have a wonderful 2 month remission period last spring in which I felt totally normal. ... (4 replies)
... The pain is awful, it's always there and never goes away. Sleeping sucks, eating sucks, hell even riding a bike sucks. ... (1 replies)
... e feel better and that i should go for my dreams. Most people who post on these boards are people who still have problems so there may be many success stories we never hear of. However, most people do say that with proper treatment they have improved. ... (28 replies)
... I'm a 63 yr old male and the first TMJ symptom I ever had was a year ago. One morning right after I woke up, it seemed my the left side of my jaw slipped out of joint. ... (0 replies)
... I may get several til it finally goes away. ... (17 replies)
... I am in Clayton,NC. I suffer with TMJ and am looking for any help that can point me towards a good DR. ... (2 replies)
... Beyond the severe pain that has me on Roxicodone everyday, I've had hearing loss. I've never had hearing loss, prior to the surgery. My surgeon always seemed to dismiss it, saying I just needed my ears cleaned. Yep, my ears just needed to be cleaned. ... (15 replies)
... TMJ can cause severe ear pain along with neck, head, eye, facial and back pain It can mimic ear infections, cause dizziness, off balance feeling, it can even mimic a tooth abscess If antibiotics were taken and it didn't clear it up and have been told you have TMJ chances are you DO In the past couple of months I have been to 6 so called specialists, have received 6... (11 replies)
... Also I do physical therarpy and massage therapy. It has helped a lot. I no longer get those headaches that I used to have and if I do I just do some yoga and it goes away. ... (5 replies)
... popping sounds. It never ever goes away. Is it something with my joints causing it or maybe my eustachian tube? ... (1 replies)
... I posted this on the headache forum a few days ago, and since TMJ seems to be a part of my problem, someone suggested I post here too. ... (27 replies)

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