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... I also have acid reflux as well and I am taking Prilosec OTC once a day. Because of acid reflux I get pains under the ribs and around the chest area. ... (18 replies)
... Ironically, my pain was in the right ear and I eventually found out I had much more degeneration in my left TMJ than the right. ... (7 replies)
... years now I have had phantom ear aches from time to time. Rather than a long dull ache, my left ear pangs from time to time. This has come and gone for years. ... (1 replies)

... I've been a HealthBoard member since 2006 due to some severe reflux issues I have. It was only when I figured out I also had TMJ symptoms that I started frequenting the TMJ board. ... (12 replies)
... cause the symptoms of TMJ that I have right now. ... (18 replies)
... Thanks for responding so quickly. LPR is a type of reflux but it doesn't stop in the esophagus so therefore there is hardly anyone who has LPR that has heartburn. ... (5 replies)
... I just read through the list of TMJ symptoms and am wondering if this could be a possibility for me..... ... (3 replies)
... He said if addressing my "sleep issue" doesn't work that I should go back to my ENT for further ear testing. I started with the ENT when my problem started and they couldn't find anything physically wrong with my ear. I also saw two Audiologists. ... (31 replies)
... I am being treated for TMJ by a specialist . My jaw was cracking everytime I opened my mouth and the pain was terrible. ... (2 replies)
... I have the ear pain and fullness. ... (15 replies)
... Does anyone have severe deep ear pain that also hurts on the cheek and around the eye sometimes? ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for your thorough explanation of what your tmj doc. did. It helps others know what a good doctor should be doing on a first consult. Can you please post who this doctor is? ... (31 replies)
... So I had my initial appointment with the TMJ Specialist. ... (31 replies)
TMJ and the Ear
Nov 30, 2006
... I believe the ear fullness is a sign of inflamation of the eustachion tubes probably casued by dysfunction of the tm joint or facial muscles. ... (5 replies)
... I also have severe TMJ and have had TMJ pain on that side about the same amount of time. That whole side of my jaw hurts and clicks when I open my mouth and locks occasionally. ... (0 replies)
... ing a lump in my throat when swallowing. Pair this with the pain in my neck and arm and I began to have severe anxiety. Went to Dr and she said it sounded like reflux and neck pain was a pulled muscle. Within days my jaw on the left side started to lock every so often and right in front of my ear would get really sore. ... (7 replies)
... a day, it seems to work well, but I have a sore throat most of the time. My throat feels swollen alot on the left side and sometimes achy on the left side. My ear feels clogged alot on the left side and sometimes burns inside. My ENT looked at it and said it was clear. ... (5 replies)
... Most of your symptoms could be related to LPR or Laryngopharyngeal reflux, except for the tingling which is a neurological issue. (10 replies)
... black dots in vision extreme pain in neck and back etc. you need to see a neurologist to rule any other illneses that could be causing these symptoms. For acid reflux go see a gastroentrologist. ... (14 replies)
... picy food and didn't drink much of anything. The next day, I had burning in my chest and throat. This lasted for 2 days and I went to my doc who said it was acid reflux and prescribed me Prilosec for 14 days. I took the Prilosec and on day 2 the burning went away and I was fine. ... (10 replies)

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