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Steroids for TMJ
Aug 12, 2014
... s much more comfortable doing it with arthoscopy then injecting without. One thing that has been told over and over to me, is the more you mess around with the TMJ joint the greater the risk of complications. ... (7 replies)
... Steroids are normally injected into the joint to reduce inflammation. They provide temporary relief only. I had steroid injection when I had arthroscopic surgery on my right TMJ and the surgeon injected the steroid using the scope. ... (14 replies)
... I have also investigated this injection which is like "oil for your joints" but for my knee. My knee is very slowly improving so I decided to hold off on the steroid injection for now and will revisit things again in a couple of months. ... (14 replies)

... I had TMJ symptoms for years in LEFT JAW, clicking popping stiffness, the clicking was constant, but stiffness and any soreness sporadic and all very manageable. ... (7 replies)
... Hi I had arthocentis and it didnt' do anything for me though I do understand that many people can benefit (why it didn't work for me I"m not sure). If arthocentisis didn't work the first time I wouldn't do it again - its not clear to me what would be accomplished. The one thing I have learned from my oral surgeons, is that the more surgeries you do on the TMJ joint the... (5 replies)
... only on the left side. When I eat food it hurts. So I went to the doctor, he said it's tmj problem. ... (9 replies)
... Anyone out there with a similar type of TMJ disorder? ... (2 replies)
Steroid injections
Jul 12, 2017
... I had the steroid injection done yesterday in my mouth in tbe muscle area how long did it take for your pain to go away and where u sore for one day. ... (7 replies)
... Hi. Besides medications how is Tmj treated. I have resale bad muscles in both sides it hurts my teeth sometimes my jaw and temporoL pain. How do physiotherapist treat it . ... (5 replies)
Steroid Injection
Jan 31, 2007
... When did you have your wisdom tooth pulled? Were you put to sleep? (7 replies)
Steroid Injection
Jan 31, 2007
... I am having pain. I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled in March of 2006 and I am still having problems. A doctor that I currently seeing recommended botox and I responded no thank you. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens. Thanks (7 replies)
Steroid Injection
Jan 30, 2007
... uasive before and after photos. It mainly seems to be done on asian patients, however, I've seen some photos of caucasions who have overdeveloped muscles due to tmj issues and they look great in the afters. I don't really have any knowledge on the steroid injections though. Good luck. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you all for the advice. I did see the specialist again today and he decided against the steroid injection, I think it was because the facial numbess worried him ( it sure worries me ) and praying that there is no permanent damage to the facial nerves. The specialist was able to force my mouth open to 24 mm with his assistance to get the molds in and he is making both an... (7 replies)
... I've read a few threads here and there while researching my own TMJ problems. ... (1 replies)
... Here's my story. In Feb 2010 my jaw locked up and my muscles spasmed. I had an mri and i was diagnosed with a anteriorally displaced disc in the right tmj joint. ... (6 replies)
... I later found out about TMJ and decided to see a specialist in my area. ... (1 replies)
... I've written here a couple of times about my TMJ saga. ... (6 replies)
New with question
Jun 19, 2003
... e, i had all of the above an sometimes the TM joint hurt so bad i could not work, i would see your dentist or a guy like mine that only works in orthodontics an TMJ probs, in most cases ,braces , bitesplints can stop that pain, good luck . ... (3 replies)
Steroid injections
Jul 12, 2017
... Hi I just had one injection done in my muscle area inside my mouth. How long before u noticed the difference. ... (7 replies)
... I have heard that injection of anything into your jaw could make bone issues worse, especially if the injection is a steroid? ... (1 replies)

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