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Fat graft surgery
Jan 26, 2005
... Apperently email contact is not allowed. I am glad to share my experience with you though. My visit with Dr. Piper was the most thorough TMJ exam I have ever had. I don't think any other doctor has had a better look at my joints than him. You will have a full day! ... (19 replies)
... I have been on varying doses of oxycodone for 7 years for severe TMJ and a cracked condyle and I feel like the pain medication has changed who I am. ... (0 replies)
TMJ Appliance
May 16, 2005
... surgical patients, surgeons, and specialists if i can get back to my condition before surgery and we all believe there is a good chance. ... (6 replies)

Dr Piper?
Nov 30, 2003
... about preexisting condition, I think, is did anyone on record diagnois you with TMJ disorder Before you purchased your current insurance plan. ... (10 replies)
Dr Piper?
Nov 26, 2003
... I have bumped up some previous topcis about surgery for you to read. ... (10 replies)
... op bilateral TMJ fat graft surgery by Dr. Mark Piper in St. Pete, FL. He developed the technique. I am eating foods that I haven't eaten in 20 years, and have had tremendous success. ... (10 replies)
... advice! My 15 year old daughter has TMJ and we saw Dr. Piper last week. ... (2 replies)
Fat graft surgery
Jan 27, 2005
... I'm so glad to hear aobut someone with a positive TMJ surgery experience! The more I read on the internet the more scared I get. It is so hard to make the decision whether to have it done or not. ... (19 replies)
... I live on the east cost of middle Fl and Have heard about a Dr Mark Piper that has a office in St Pete. And that he only works on the jaw joint. I hear that it takes a lot of money to see him but I'm going to make an appt any way. ... (26 replies)
TMJ Appliance
May 16, 2005
... Jersey and want to try very conservative treatment at this time, hopefully its not too late. I've read some of the old posts and have seen you have had extensive surgery and therapy. Do you think it is possible at this time for me to get back to just the clicking stage again? ... (6 replies)
... hi everyone , been reading alot about dr piper in florida he does fat graft surgery to the tmj joint. ... (3 replies)
Dr Piper?
Nov 30, 2003
... I was under the impression that this surgery was on it's way out due to failures. ... (10 replies)
TMJ docs in FL
Jun 7, 2013
... I had surgery with Dr. Piper and I cannot recommend him. I'm not better and he's blaming my neck and other issues, none of which are his fault of course. ... (5 replies)
... I am basically a muscular tmj patient...but I have a lot of slipping with my left joint lately...and who knows what the future will hold for me too...... ... (29 replies)
... from all of the research I've done and stories I've read, TMJ surgery is definitely NOT something to take lightly. But...if you are going to get more opinions, I was wondering about seeing Dr. Mark Piper in Florida? ... (19 replies)
... Jacksonville was Dr. Margaret Dennis. I really like her and feel like she really seems to know what she's talking about regarding TMJ. Her sister has had major TMJ issues and has had surgery with Dr. ... (13 replies)
... Hi, I am new to the Health Boards and have spend many, many hours reading through the hundreds of posts on TMJ and have already learned a lot. I have had issues with TMJ for about 25 years. ... (1 replies)
... gnals that were constantly communicating with my brain, but they weren't supposed to. I respect the man very much, and I do believe he is good with the fat graft surgery IMHO, but I don't think he's right for me seeing as how my discs are fine. ... (20 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your story. I am very concerned by the fact that this Dr. Gelb seems to think that his one invention is a cure all. If your tmj specialist isn't willing to be open to using other splints then that should be a warning sign. ... (4 replies)
... Talk to the oral surgeon who recommended surgery or whoever other doctor who has been treating and prescribing the pain medication before going off them. ... (13 replies)

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