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... I am new to this also. I am 15, and I live in the US, but I've had TMJ for about 4 years now, and I do know alot about it, so I hope this helps. ... (5 replies)
... I had however had a history of about 10 months of when I took a first mouthful of food when my rear saliva glands opened the pain was intense, I had to hold my face. After the first mouthful it was fine, this is an intermittent problem. ... (11 replies)
... I'm curious, has anyone had probelms with TMJ swelling? ... (3 replies)

... and she has confirmed I have TMD. I actually thought I had an ear infection or a cavity because the left side of my face is so swollen. I just wanted to share an experience so you have a heads up. ... (4 replies)
TMJ face change
Jan 15, 2010
... My suggestion is that you go to a doc who has the cone beam and have CT scans done of your TMJ and neck. This may be more serious than TMJ. ... (97 replies)
One problem down
Feb 3, 2004
... Reconstruction Prosthesis is fabricated with the aid of CT scan generated model of the patient's actual anatomy. ... (12 replies)
TMJ and swelling
Jan 17, 2014
... but trying but some ice or a cold pack on the areas of the face that are swollen to see if that helps get the swelling down. If it doesn't go down say within a week go see your dentist or doctor about it. Hope you feel better soon. ... (2 replies)
... liquid diet for years, I can't open, far at all, can't shift from side to side or move lower forward. Loud clicks and pops. I don't know the measurments. I can't even get some dental work done because of my limited opening abilities. ... (49 replies)
... Yes, the headaches will lessen for awhile but only until all the nerves and muscles that were cut during surgery grow back. When these nerves rejuvenate, it may be worse than the pain you are dealing with. ... (49 replies)
... In 1994 I was in a MVA where I broke my face in 3 places. Titanium plates, wires and screws were secured around the orbit of my left eye, but the head aches continued. By December I had a partial repair of my TMJ, complete with an implant. After I completed PT, I have had very few problems. ... (0 replies)
TMJ & Lyme Disease
Aug 13, 2006
... For the past two years I have been experiencing pain and swelling on the left side of my jaw and face. I have been to more doctors then I care to recall. ... (6 replies)
... have tmj for about 3.5 years. ... (0 replies)
... Greetings! I am new to this forum and I saw all the useful information of different people and their problems, so I decided to join the forum and I would like to share my problem hoping that forumers can help shed light as to what I my condition is. ... (1 replies)
... Started complaining of intermitent swelling feeling within cheeks, or muscles around cheeks, about four years ago to my doctor. The swelling was not very visible although was causing ulcers around the wisdom teeth, cheek biting and general discomfort. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry this is so long. I'm writing this to describe my own experiences just in case it might prove useful to someone down the line. ... (4 replies)
... I've written here a couple of times about my TMJ saga. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the information. I will research and look at as much as I can find. ... (9 replies)
... I am considering going to see Dr. Warburton for a consultation regarding my TMJ Osteoarthritis. ... (3 replies)
... put ice or cold cloth to help with the swelling. My throat can also hurt on one side I think this because I have really tight neck muscles on side of the jaw that is affected with TMJ sometimes its so bad it can hurt to swallow. See how your neck muscles feel and compare them. Good luck, hope you feel better. ... (5 replies)
... Maybe you need to go to a more experienced Dentist. My face swells with TMJ symptoms. The swelling is inside the joint and all along my face. Arthritis causes swelling also. Given your history with that and combined with the popping and clicking and hurting while chewing it would seem to be TMJ issues. ... (11 replies)

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