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... My main symptom is constant pressure in my head, tension type headaches. ... (38 replies)
Symptoms of tmj
Oct 24, 2011
... fullness in my cheek and jawline. My jaw also pops on this side but never truly aches. ... (2 replies)
... yet elsewhere, primarily my face, chest and sometimes my legs it feels tingly or like bugs are crawling on my skin. Every once in a while I will get little muscle twitches or tics around the mouth or eyes and my calve muscles as well. ... (4 replies)

... I am having the exact same problems with facial tingling, not being to open my mouth, always feeling like my jaw is being pulled on one side or the other, ringing in my ears, one minute everything sounds too loud and the next everything sounds muffled. ... (2 replies)
... pressure feeling in my top and bottom teeth and a few random pains in random teeth. ... (10 replies)
... I have a large lump in my neck, on the right side, just under my jaw. I saw an ENT, who thought it was a salivary gland infection. ... (4 replies)
... Anyway, long story short this dr. came in after reviewing nurse notes, CAT scan, and MRI. He says "I think I know what is wrong with you and my dr. has the same thing". ... (5 replies)
TMJ & Lyme Disease
Aug 17, 2006
... here for at least one year prior to being removed all the tissue, nerves in that area have not had a chance to get back to normal and my lymphatic system is slow in draining all the fluid from that area, which is what is causing the swelling. ... (6 replies)
... I'm only fooling with you Chris. It's probably a good idea that you are getting braces since you are not in pain and it sounds like your bite needs to be fixed. ... (9 replies)
... I figured something was in there or that I had eustachian tube blockage. I would always stretch my jaw to try and "pop" my ear to get relief. Sometimes it would help. ... (6 replies)
... Your symptoms sure sound like TMJ. TMJ can cause some really strange symptoms. Here is a list of symptoms. I believe this was originally posted by Cymy Sue or Marlene. I can't remember for sure. ... (5 replies)
... What diagnostic tests have you had of the TMJ joints? ... (7 replies)
... I have been dealing with cheek, face, head, teeth, and neck pain since February of this year. It started out as an earache that never went away then a dull ache in my lower jaw behind the back molar. Like many of you, I went to my gp who prescribed antibiotics brushing it off as an infection. ... (7 replies)
... it really helps to talk with someone who really understands this bizarro journey and can also help fill in the gaps. There's so little information out there for us. I've found this to be one of the very best ways to learn! ... (10 replies)
... I've read a few threads here and there while researching my own TMJ problems. ... (1 replies)
Symptoms of TMJD
Oct 21, 2009
... Marlene, Could you tell us some of the treatments that worked for your TMJ? You had so many symptoms and I hope you are still feeling well. Shell (7 replies)
Symptoms of TMJD
Sep 19, 2002
... While many of these symptoms have been connected with TMJ Dysfunction, there is no true "classic" picture of a person that suffers from TMJ Dysfunction. ... (0 replies)
Where to turn?
Jun 8, 2009
... Thanks, I have checked out the great TMJ docs thread, but none are close to where I live. ... (9 replies)
... like tongue thrashing, facial or jaw spasms, one foot turning inward or outward, tingling sensations in your head or limbs, muscle cramps, muscle twitching or tics, etc. ... (15 replies)
Symptoms of TMJD
Jul 14, 2003
... While many of these symptoms have been connected with TMJ Dysfunction, there is no true "classic" picture of a person that suffers from TMJ Dysfunction. ... (7 replies)

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