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Tongue Problems
May 25, 2011
... I'm so desperate because no doctor has ever been able to confirm tongue involvement with tmj. So I get nervous!! This dentist saw that both tmj's are herniated and said he'll try to calm down the muscle issues. ... (14 replies)
... I was just wondering if anyone with TMJ ever experiences little spots on the tongue that feel a little bit sore? ... (3 replies)
... It doesn't look different or anything, but it does seem to be pretty sensitive the last 6-8 months and can't figure out why. :confused: (3 replies)

... a geographical tongue has ridges on it that change a lot as well as raw spots. if you have it, you'll know it. ... (3 replies)
Tongue Problems
Mar 10, 2011
... No I'am still being treated by my Dentist with a night guard, it's been a couple of weeks and I think it's starting to help.Also taking muscle relaxers at bed time & GERD med's before dinner.Doctors think it's TMJ / TMD.Have you been checked up yet? (14 replies)
... it will become cramped or tighten and spasm are signs this may be happening. Tongue problems are often a common symptom of tmj. ... (1 replies)
Tongue Problems
May 23, 2011
... jaw pain, tired, numb, burning tongue. I've seen every doctor and now I'm seeing a tmj specialist. Have you had any luck? ... (14 replies)
Tongue Problems
Dec 22, 2010
... My TMJ specialist is just doing that laser therapy. ... (14 replies)
... I'm now able to see my nose almost all of the time, especially when I glance from side to side. Has anyone experienced this as part of their TMJ disorder? ... (13 replies)
Tongue Problems
Dec 22, 2010
... Hi Karen I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your description with the tongue thing,I could have written that word for word. ... (14 replies)
Tongue Problems
May 23, 2011
... Hi I'am having a terrible time trying to figure out how to use this message board.But I have had this tongue issue for over a year now, and i finally think my dentist got it right. ... (14 replies)
... I just wanted to let you know people do read posts I cannot relate to that except the extreme fatigue in jaw I have never had throat or tongue problems but others may have. Do you have a fever ect... ... (3 replies)
... hmm.. well.. if you're concerned, im sure that a dentist could easily see what's wrong with it if anything. :) - saaraah. (3 replies)
... it took 6 weeks to get it diagnosed and I am still confused as to whether I have tmj or some other equally horrible condition. My internist thinks tmj is more like arthritis so he has not been much help in pointing me in the right direction. ... (4 replies)
... This might sound strange to all of you, but my son has had a TMJ problem since birth but we didn't know it until recently. His tongue is actually too big for the size of his throat and jaw and his body has to constantly make adrenaline to keep his throat clear, especially while he is asleep. ... (0 replies)
... While many of these symptoms have been connected with TMJ Dysfunction, there is no true "classic" picture of a person that suffers from TMJ Dysfunction. ... (9 replies)
... While many of these symptoms have been connected with TMJ Dysfunction, there is no true "classic" picture of a person that suffers from TMJ Dysfunction. ... (0 replies)
... are dragging. I also pause and stammer a bit.. my mom says she thinks now I'm paranoid and the added nervousness is making it worse but she certainly thinks it's TMJ related due to my constant head and temple pain, even the "look" of facial swelling. ... (6 replies)
... this coincided with some other issues I was having with constant mouth breathing during sleep and problems with my nose. Anyway, I am convinced that this prolonged open mouth wide position is the root cause of my TMJ. ... (12 replies)
... Hi! I have had my teeth grinding and tmj symptoms for about a year and a half now. I got braces a year ago. i went to the orthodontist yesterday and they finally realized that i have tmj! thank god. ... (7 replies)

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